reputable sources for grubee products



ok, let's try to get over that "other thing" and see if we can find some basic info. i want to avoid turning this into an advertisement, but getting some info together would be appropriate. if we can dig up anything, i'll pursue a crosslink situation for our resources page.

sources for those desiring a grubee 2-stroke? (i know this one will probably not pan out, but)

sources for those looking for the 4-stroke kits?
I have to say its frustrating to not be able to really find a dealer for the parts... I would love to be able to find the chrome improved throttle with killswitch. NSC Carb with remote choke would be nice. Axel to mount the sprocket on maybe even a 1 gallon tank..

But finding people to get these from is hard... There is really nobody who carries these parts that I have seen or would want to deal with yet.

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SlicerDicer said:
augidog said:
i know this hub is a part i'd love to locate, along with the all-in-one throttle...'kronik, keep the faith. maybe we should ask don g. where the stuff might be?

Way ahead of you I already emailed him 2 days ago :devilish: I did it shortly after I posted I think in the section about parts I wanted asking him for a locale to get them

Reply from Don.

Australia sounds like the place to get it.

More info to come.

I do not mind calling Australia or around I will find out about the parts as I will call each place. I will reply with results :)


Here are some prices.

From MBB Imports.
04 0524 5430
bikerboynumberone at hotmail {dot} com
Also can be located at Ebay Australia under MBB-Imports store.

Items I am interested in or just random Items I might get :)

Chromed Grip with builtin Killswitch. (they are plastic but look alloy) 25 AUD = 20 USD Current Exchange
CNS Carby 70 AUD = 57 USD Current Exchange
AXEL!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: 80 AUD = 65 USD Current Exchange
Poo Poo Pipe 45 AUD = 36 USD Current Exchange
Double Pull Brake Lever 20 AUD = 16 USD Current Exchange
4 Liter Tank: Out of Stock

Power Chain Bicycle Motors
02 49675776
powerchainbicycles at hotmail {dot} com

Power Chain Bicycle Motors he is incapable of taking cards, paypal or anything like that so you would have to send something like a International Money Order.

He has the 4 liter tank 65 AUD = 53 USD Current Exchange
Same grips as above 39 AUD = 31 USD Current Exchange
CNS Carby 95 AUD = 77 USD Current Exchange

Does not have Axel.

Australia seems to be the place there are quite a number of parts there and you really cannot beat the prices.

Will update exchange rates as they change dramaticly by 2-/+ cents

Thats where you can find calculated postage rates from Australia to USA I do not know what kind of handling will be tacked on either but hey tis a good idea of cost. :D
awesome thumb augi :) thats incredible and fitting given how hard the axel is to find :eek:
heck no! i just grabbed it "out there" somewhere you can stick it anywhere you like...oops, that didn't sound right did it? :LOL: :LOL:

way to pitch in, 'Dicer, i'm sure everyone appreciates it 8)
here's my email to & reply from Jeff at Barsanco. (Grubee's #1 U.S. distributer)

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Hi Dave,
I was only able to get 40 axle assemblies on this next coming load. They will be shipping from China this week. I wont see them for 4-6 weeks. It sounds like you will have 260 unhappy friends for a while.

Have a great day,

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Subject: cool grubee stuff

I have bought 9 assorted grubee engine kits (2 Russians). All excellent machines.
very interested in the wheelsets from the whopper stopper chopper. any available?
also....the grubee 4 cycle kit? 300 of my closest friends are awaiting your reply....

Dave Pitts
Grube Parts

Hi All, I was a Grube Distrubitor before everything changed. I have parts, NO rear hubs, no small pitch primary sprockets, do have complete kits still and access to more stuff, as I was the one who told Don where to find the new throttles, and some other stuff. Mike here in Sacramento Californika