Best 2 stroke kit for 2016?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Chris Duke, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Been reading posts to decide what's what, but some of them are dated. Some of (if not most of) it seems to change regularly. One day, so and so has 5 stars, the next, they polish turds for a living?

    So, is Skyhawk the only one worth considering? I've read the comment about a fancy sticker making it worth a '''', but have seen two of them completely different so far AND

    What about suppliers? It looks like everybody hates just about all suppliers? Man, it's giving me a headache! Yes, I've been reading the review section. That's where I get the idea that the info is out of date. The way I see it, if you get fucked with a China girl by on supplier, and never go back, eventually you will wind up never buying one again from anybody from what I'm reading.

    HELP!!! I'm reconsidering everything for a first build by the hour, and at the moment, I'm thinking that I should just pick up a couple smokers to start with. Sell them, then keep going till I get what I need here in "Everything's Illegal Land."

    Whatever I wind up with will be run dirty anyway, since I'm in a pinch. I need to get myself to whatever work I can get ASAP!

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  2. I highly recommend getting a Flying Horse motor kit from
    You can get the kit with stock and performance parts for a good price. I just ordered 2 more. Ive had no issues and they take a lot of abuse.
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    i got a cheap engine off ebay, and since i didnt know what i was doing when i started, i think it was a good thing i went cheap, since i had to replace at least 50% of the engine anyway, due to manufacturer error and my own mistakes. if you want something that just works and is 2 stroke and fast, this is your best bet
    if you want to learn how they work, go with a cheap engine, you'll wind up reassembling it anyway, you can get the engine for under 100$ (ebay) and buy the throttle cable, wire stops, carb (you need a cns, walbro, or at least dellorto sha if you dont want issues down the line), throttle, gas tank, sprocket adapter, inline fuel filter, and clutch handle yourself. this way, when something breaks, your not completely screwed, worst case scenario, you try to fix it yourself and something breaks, it was cheap anyway, and from what ive found all the ebay parts are the built to close to the same standards. you get an expensive kit and something goes wrong, you DONT wanna go poking around unless your sure you know what your doing, mess it up and your out some serious $$. i snapped my piston rings when i tried to put it back together the first time, and scratched the ballz out of my cylinder too. do that with a 500$ engine and youll be hitting yourself. when i first got into computers i did something like that. an alienware laptop turned into a paperweight in five minutes. out over one thousand dollars. and i learned my lesson. you dont use expensive things as tinker toys unless your DAMN sure you can fix them.
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    I think we're a little off topic lol.
    ]also, if you're serious about learning more about the topic you've brought up, you should check out a friend of mines law page. There is a ton of misinformation out there about gov, and what the founding fathers did, or intended to do. Citizenship, sovereignty, etc. I've been studying these topics in law for over 8 years now, and it is a big part of why I'm in the predicament I'm in now. 99% of the info out there on the subject is noting more than patriot mythology based on half truths dredged up by people who sell the information to the public like crooked fortune tellers. Listening to these guys will get you into trouble! If I knew then (when I got into the legal predicament) what I know now, most likely I would have a large ranch in northern Cali payed for by the road pirates and ignorant judges breaking their oath of office and violating my natural rights.
  7. KCvale

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    The real thing is King in my book, SkyHawk.

    You can't even buy quality at gasbike because they can't even buy them anymore for making knock-off sh*t and using the SkyHawk name and designations Don Grube uses, GT(anything).

    Your quoted link to Bicycle-Engines (BirdDog Distributing) has the newest, coolest, genuine products.
    There is another distributor in Florida but the name escapes me as I am in Arizona ;-}

    If you are open to suggestions...
    Build with quality parts and great attention to detail like cabling and wiring.

    Heck, the first bike I built wasn't even for sale, I just rode it up to the grocery store, and when I came out there was a guy looking it over and wanted to buy it right then and there.

    Made ~$2o0 net on the spot, walked home with my little grocery bag, and built another different one, but the same way, good parts and attention to detail.

    If your goal is to just keep advancing to the next best ride by selling the previous build, do it right to start with bud, that has certainly worked for me ;-}
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    In any case, back on topic.

    Sitting here waiting to get payed for some work I just finished so I can order a couple kits. I've decided to do both a 49cc HF 4 stroke, and a cheap $99 China girl kit from ebay.

    All the 4 stroke kits, well, don't have what I want to build a quality bike. Crappy primary/transmission assembly's, shitty rear sprockets, etc. I'll just go get the HF engine from HF, and put together my own parts.

    Everything I've read about the little China Girls, leads me to believe that they are all junk. Even when ordering one from someone who claims to have done this or that is a crap toss. I'll take it apart and rebuild it myself before running it on a bike.

    1. New quality sealed bearings.
    2. Bronze bushing instead of needle bearings for wrist pin. Also drilled rod for oil to get up around between pin and rod. (a performance trick I learned while building Triumph motorcycle engines).
    3. Lightened top end.
    4. Port job. (Intake, exhaust & transfer ports)
    5. Resurface cylinder jug.
    6. Cut piston for intake port.
    7. Balanced aftermarket crank assembly. (recommendations?) I've read that some try selling you stock junk.
    8. Appropriate amounts of break in oil, grease, and locktight on parts.
    9. Copper head gasket. (with copper spray paint)
    10. Aftermarket head. Not for go fast, but for dependable performance with more cooling area/fins.
    11. Performance carb.
    12. Tuned hydro expanded exhaust.
    13. Reseal cases with Yammabond.
    14. Silicone wire hole.

    -Rest of kit-
    1. Rear sprocket with hub clamp instead of pineapple.
    2. Brakes front & back either disk or V. I may attempt making a sproter for the rear using the cheap sprocket that comes with the kit? I haven't seen one yet on a MB.
    3. Octagon Triumph aftermarket oil bag as gas tank under seat aprox 1.5 liter.
    4. Welded engine mounts, and other tabs, chain tensioner tab, etc. (no clamps!)
    5. Lights front & back.
    6. Old new stock Honda throttle assembly & cable. (I have a ton of them somewhere in the garage)
    7. Clutch.
    8. Double pull break lever?
    9. Custom kill switch.

    Any other recommendations? Especially on smoker engine? Don't want to miss anything.
  9. Chris Duke

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    Thanks KC. I've been checking out your builds. I like the combinations you use. Makes them look real sanitary.
  10. FurryOnTheInside

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    From what I have read here on the forum, the GT5A is worth the extra $ for its hardware. 8mm mounting bolts, wider space front mount, and the head studs don't need to be replaced. From what I have read. Not IME.
    The cost of these parts means that I really wish the GT5A was available where I live but it isn't and shipping costs from the US or Canada are too much but I would love to have a GT5A instead of the generic eBay engine I got. My rear stud holes are not even straight anyway, it's all 6mm, too narrow front spacing, 8mm head studs but they need replacing immediately as with the mounting studs they are made from something very very soft.

    I don't think anyone can sell you a balanced crank since they haven't seen/weighed your top end, don't know your peak RPM, just from what I've read so far on this.. And it seems like it will be easy enough to do (and free apart from the drill bit).
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    Correction for #2 under Engine above. Not bronze bushing "for" wrist pin. Bronze bushing in place of needle bearings, and titanium wrist pin. Titanium = 7g. Steel = 15g. Part of lightening up the top end for less vibration.
  12. Chris Duke

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    Good to know. I had planned on replacing all hardware with stainless steel. If an engine already comes with quality hardware, then that would be a cost savings. Just hardware gets expensive! Larger mounts would also be nice. That leads me to believe that they ARE cast at a different plant! GOOD!!! One would think that they all come from the same place these days. (picture of 7 year old kid on stationary bicycle operating a big grinding stone, Yabba Dabba Doo Mfg.) haha.
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    yes the best 2 stroke kit for 2016 is a 4 stroke
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