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Nov 9, 2023
Morristown TN
I was looking at these 10g spoke rims and just have a question. Will the flywheel or gear cogs off my Kent bayside work on these rims or can I just put a 22 tooth single gear on it? Sorry it probably seems like a dumb question but I'm really new to this.


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Im either getting those or these, opinions please, thanks


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Im either getting those or these, opinions please, thanks
Do not get mag wheels other than the 3 spoke style, they can shatter.

I prefer spokes personally because although they can bend and go out of true, they fail fairly safely, not spectacularly.

The rims you show are unfortunately laced together in the weakest way possible.
I recommend a different 12Ga spoke wheel.
Ok cool I'll see if Walmart has any. I can only shop thru Walmart cause I have a gift card and that's the only way I can get them. Gonna look now. Thanks bro
I am buying these rims for a build, you'll need a single speed freewheel sprocket, as most bikes come with cassette style gears. To convert it to single speed, you'll need a chain tensioner and a single speed chain. Single speed chains are stiffer, so they won't flex and run off your gears. Edit: make sure you use proper size rim tape on theses rims so your tubes don't pop. I recommend buying cruiser tires (typically 26x2.125) as I saw in the review that they fit on the rims. That way you don't buy fatter tires that might not be able to clear the frame, as these rims are wider than your typical 26 inch ones.