Roadbug motors conversion kit with a Honda GX35

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by mog, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. mog

    mog New Member

    Hi All
    I live in Australia . I have just purchased a Roadbug motors conversion kit to be coupled with a Honda GX35 motor . Can anyone recommend an ideal bike to use with this setup , friction drive . Kind Regards , Mog.

  2. allkimike

    allkimike New Member

    I have the same kit and engine on a Glendale which is a Walmart bike (cheap). It has 7 speed total and is a 26" hybrid with a suspension front fork. I'm 250 and it pulls me well. I put a Walmart solid tube in the rear and at first was unhappy with it but I guess I got use to it and really like not worrying about flat. I have a couple of hundred mile and like it. I'm sure there are better bikes but this one is good for the money ($99) in the usa though. Mike
  3. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    I am planning to build a bike with the same setup to replace my other bike which had a Staton friction drive kit and Honda GX35 motor. Unfortunately that bike was stolen. I also weigh 250, and don't want to use a Walmart bike. I have had issues with broken spokes in those. The bike that was stolen was a modified '90s Trek 800 mountain bike. I am currently searching Craigslist for a suitable bike. It has to be a strong, high quality bike. Unfortunately, the newer hardtail mountain bikes use a wishbone type seat stay, so there is no place for the front mount on the friction drive kit. A beach cruiser can be used, if you can find a high quality one, with a suitable frame for mounting the front of the friction drive. Either way I STRONGLY recommend a front hand brake. It does not need to be a disc, regular V brakes work fine. The rim actually makes an excellent disc.
  4. mog

    mog New Member

    Hi Cobbers
    Posting a pic of my bike made with a cheap Raleigh beach cruiser with single speed .
    Mog 20160305_214906.jpg
  5. skyash

    skyash Active Member

    Hay mog do you have to pedal to take off I got a 49 cc 4 stroke chain drive and with a single gear I have to pedal a little bit to start and hit about 50kmh top I like try it with a friction drive but don't know how well thay pull up hills or top speed
  6. mog

    mog New Member

    Hi Skyash

    I usually peddle . Takes some pressure off the motor l think .

  7. skyash

    skyash Active Member

    Thanks mog. So a 66cc chain drive takes off better???
  8. mog

    mog New Member

    Not too sure on that but l would still peddle up to speed to take the pressure off the clutch . Not sure of speed as l have only had it out once for a trial run .
  9. skyash

    skyash Active Member

    Cool as. I don't know about your clutch but when I checked my 49 cc one it is like new done 300km