Robin/Subaru 50cc ???

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikem, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. mikem

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    It seems to me I read somewhere that Robin/Subaru is about to come out with a 50cc 4-stroke motor. Does anyone know anything about this?

  2. Happy Valley

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    Haven't heard that. I know they make a 49cc 2 stroke engine, a real screamer, 'cause I once came this ll close to owning one.:D
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  3. mikem

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    Sabaru Screamer?

    Happy V,
    Do you know the horsepower on Subaru's 49cc 2-stroke? Or where it's shown on the web? I don't see it on their site at
  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    You won't find them on the R/S site, they are OEM for other equipment manufacturers. Nor is there much info available on replacement parts which is one reason I didn't pursue the acquisition too much. With that kind of OEM thing you always have to trace parts and manuals through the parent company's model names and numbers.

    I found a guy who had 5 for sale NIB, w/thottle and control crossbar still attached. He wasn't moving them so I made an offer which he tentatively accepted but later reneged.
    They were 4 hp IIRC, which I admit was in a moment of weakness what tempted me lol, (plus Robin's rep) but probably just as well in the end anyway to do without that much 2scream.:D
  5. mikem

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    4 horsepower would be nice but to stay strictly legal here in Michigan means no more than 50 cc @ 2 horsepower.

    The Robin EHO 35 has 1.6 hp ... so I was hoping that they made a 49cc with 2 hp. Thought the additional .4 hp would be noticeable on a bike.
  6. augidog

    augidog New Member

    it sure is...quality differences aside, any 50cc 4-stroke being used is really pushing the bikes, i once experienced 38mph on an experimental kit with a chinese honda clone, could have done 40+ with gearing.

    i'd love to see someone put a 50 together in utility-engine style, it'd be bulky but would have it's R/S 50 would be something to see, alright :cool:
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  7. mikem

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    Robin/Subaru 50cc

    Hey Augidog,

    Maybe there will be enough demand soon. Wouldn't think it would take much for R/S to do this. Might be a simple as a bore out and bigger carb.?
  8. augidog

    augidog New Member

    mike: dunno about that, i bet the 35 is about as thin-walled as possible, already. i don't think a company like R/S would cheap-out like that. imo, they'd offer a new larger engine.

    and, looking back thru MBc's history, you'll see that demand (organized consumerism) has created many good THINGS for motoredbiking...and the best is yet to come :cool2:
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  9. mikem

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    Better Mouse Trap

    I thought about that Augi ... and I bet you're right on both counts. Would really like to see that slightly bigger motor.

    I wonder if we might see a quality, American built bike motor.?
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  10. augidog

    augidog New Member

    if a completely new usa-engine was done "overnite" by an already established company, i think current costs would make it uattainable to the working rider. true economic "stimulus" would be to bring back the myriad dormant small shops that dot our countryscape, do a usa-ht...start by forging, stamping, molding small parts at minimum wage, it beats not-working at all...take baby-steps towards a complete engine. personally, i've always believed an american bicycle engine is completely doable...and i'm almost to believing it IS gonna happen sooner or later.
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  11. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I know a guy with a GEBE who actually traded down to a EHO25 from the 35. He claims it suits his needs better: quiet, stealth, mileage and has all the power he wants.

    I'm happy with the EHO35 and for one am glad it's available in that particular configuration; plenty of power in a small package.
    Using a Honda GX50 as a model and compared to the 35 cc class(R/S or H),
    I get a bigger footprint motor nearly double the weight for a power gain of only a little better than 1/3.
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  12. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    The gravity fed carb is what kills the honda 50 for me. The RS seems like a wonderful piece of engineering. Can't wait to ride one.
  13. mikem

    mikem Member

    I'd like to see America compete in the quality small engine market ... also in small "motored" vehicles ... bikes, trikes, mini-cars, etc.. It's obvious there's a bunch of us who would be very happy down-sizing and "getting by" on less horse power.

    BTW, best wishes on quitting smoking Augi. I was 50 or 51 when I quit ... fine young age for quitting! Glad to see so many members joining in and supporting each other. Great thread.
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    jake, you can get a walbro to fit those engines...i think i've even seen a "diaphragm carby" upgrade on a site somewhere...that would pretty much do it for me :)

    mike, i think we've all lived a bit too large for a bit too long...and now we're rediscovering what's really important...this is going to be an interesting few years, no doubt :cool:
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  15. HoughMade

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    My GXH50 came with a hockey puck looking thing that is supposed to be a fuel pump.