Robin Subaru EHO35 & Dax Friction Drive , [SOLD]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by walander, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. walander

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    I have a Robin Subaru EHO 35, motor has a few hundred miles on her, it has a brand new carb on it and a new gas tank. Its coupled with a dax friction drive kit. The kit has its share of scratches and what not, but nothing that affects function, the motor runs like a champ, never left me stranded, id trust this little thing to get me from coast to coast. There is no cable stop for the throttle so I rigged my own make shift stop with cable ties, you could make something more permanent easily. Also, there is no kill switch hooked up, I just use the choke to kill it. Im asking $250 plus shipping, but im open to any and all offers, thanks for looking.

  2. prichmon

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    interested in separating engine?
  3. walander

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    this sold months and months ago, sorry