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    Hi all,
    I have been swapping my motor kit over onto another bike. My old bike was a bit too tall for me, and it also had solid forks. I have brought a new bike that is a better height for me, and it also has shock forks. Whilst I have been waiting for a new drive gear to be shipped. I also decided to make some new engine mounts. These mounts have 6mm rubber that wraps around the frame to insulate the frame from the engine mount. The rubber is very solid and is meant to be acid/chemical resistant. As I work in a food place and all the rubber on the machines is regularly cleaned with chemicals. They look a bit rough as I have been struggling to find time to do much these days with 11 month old twins and work. The pics are not real good,,,I'll take better ones when my new drive gear arrives. I'll finish it off. I'm hoping this will take most of that fine vibration out.
    The rear mount has good clearance for the chain. All is made from stainless steel this was only because that was all I could get from work. I have used 8mm bolts with nylock nuts. The front mount I had to grind out the cast on the motor so it would fit over the large tube. I needed to do this so the motor would sit lower in the frame. I then drilled and tapped 8mm through the cast body of the motor. This is as solid as a rock. On the front mount the bolts that tighten the mount are slightly twisted to one side so the muffler can fit snugly in place

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    Wow.. that looks really nice! Let us know how it works when you get it running. My next bike engine will be rubber mounted.