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    Doing a little market research: I'm in the works of getting a patent for my idea, and want some feedback on what riders would think is a fair price. What would you be willing to pay (think is fair), per wheel, to have a tire you can run flat?It's still pneumatic, but you'd be able to (once flatted) still ride, and worry about changing tubes once in a good location to do so.You'd use your choice of tires, or what you have on hand.This would be a one man operation, and costs would reflect that until/unless I could find a buyer for the idea. What's a fair price for the MAB rider?? Thanks

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    to be able to run with the inner tube deflated means the tire itself would have to be able to support the weight all by itself. That used in addition to an inflated inner tube would mean it is way too stiff to contour to the surface ridden on or absorb minor bumps.
    Only if it was by itself without an inner tube would it be feasible but then you have a tire with a fixed tension, unlike an inner tube that can hold different quantities of air depending on the total weight it has to support. So you'd have to have available probably 5 different stiffness ratings of tires.
    Dirt bike motorcycles have the option of replacing the pneumatic tube with a solid foam tube.
    I really don't think your idea is marketable and therefore I won't even guess at a reasonable price.
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    Thank you, for supporting innovation, and not just assuming and naysaying, those kind of folks always slow progress.
    I'm glad that you fully read and understood my post and question, as your reply is so well though out, and not full of negativity.
    I'm also very glad to see they have that Google-paraguay to "inside my USA workshop" tech going, considering you can see what's in my hands from there, how much does that cost a month?I hope things are going well there, I look forward to more kind, thoughtful, and open-minded responses.
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    copy bmw's system, use a tubeless system with a hard rubber core inside. throw in beadlock for extra awesome
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    Car tire "run flat" tech won't work with bicycles, for a few reasons that the first rude reply stated.A bike tire and car tire are not the same.If replying, please try to reply to my question, not give advise on what I'm building.Thanks.
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    I love what I'm hearing. Sure would solve some logistic problems and reduce some backup equipment weight.