running great! Hard to start


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5:44 PM
Nov 18, 2023
Well I'm out riding tonight the ol'phantom85 with the ms460 piston running like a top and powerful but dang it's hard to get it started and I just installed a bbr running stage 1 volt master,a "super magneto,and a brand new E3 spark plug. Anybody got any thoughts on that I'm thinking still breaking in? Oh does anybody else run the E3 spark plug I had to get that or a champion and they didn't have any champions that you could remove the terminal.
You may just be a touch lean at idle causing a hard start. Where is your needle set at?

As for the E3 plugs, I am not a fan personally as they don't have any real heat range to work with. I doubt it is causing any starting issues, but fhe only way to know would be to swap plugs.