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  1. Black Davy

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    This Safticycle vintage 1945 I believe has been in the family for years. It has been handed down via purchase of the family homestead.
    It was upgraded with a 6v light that was powered via battery mounted in the basket. At some point it was painted a teal green over the blue frame / red seat and basket assembly. I did add a new plug and spark wire and tried the kick start without spark so I will need to check the magneto. I was able to download a Briggs and Stratton manual on the original engine so if time permits I may delve into this in the near future. Until then it sits in my barn.

  2. LR Jerry

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    Hope you're riding soon. Seems like a real waste for it to sit in a barn.
  3. that would be an awesome resto
  4. dw1973

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    Very nice. I'm restoring one.


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