SBP expansion part alternative?

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    Back again, I was curious if anyone knew of a product that can replace the blue (polyurethane, I think) seals for the exhaust? They usually work fine, but after a while they get hard and brittle. My situation: I had to replace the seals because they were getting old and I had a leak. Then I decided I wanted to wrap my exhaust, well I had a prediction that the seals would probably get cooked quicker when wrapped, but I thought maybe they would hold their shape because of the wrap and silicone paint. Boy I was soooo wrong. I have that peachish/orangish stuff (from inside of seal) leaking through my wrap and the exhaust leak is pretty bad. At least the wrap is keeping it from spitting all over my motor. I will post some pics shortly, I am waiting for batteries to charge. Furthermore, I really do not want to weld anything. If there are no alternatives then I will have to remove wrap and re-seal and just use paint. That is too bad, because I was getting a little more speed (only about 2mph), but as we all know on these bikes 2mph is a noticeable increase.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Here are the pics

    By the way anyone know of anyplace to get Maniac Mechanic copper exhaust gasket anyplace other than Rocksolid. I need another one and do not want to pay international shipping.

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    the blue "seals" that connect the pipes together are made of high temp silicone hose. This type of hose is good for high heat applications but it will not last forever.
    I personally don't like the set up using the silicone hose, i'd rather have a solid pipe with no connections like that. your best bet is to position the pipe where you want it, and have it all welded togheter. (in my opinion, even tho you said that you did not want to weld anything)
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    pics for...

    spark plug and exhaust bend

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    Wow, what kind of oil are you running? The only time I have seen a plug like that and heat like that they were using 30 wt automotive oil and not 2 stroke oil. I would say you are running pretty lean.