Schwinn Cruiser

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Tango911, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Tango911

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    latest install. will be putting springer fork on it and waiting on wide cranks.
    Centrifugal clutch, pull start. The wrist throttle is better made too with a metal Hold. I added led's and the carrier.
    i like this engine better from boygofast (lame name) but we'll see. Seems like its bigger and made better. So fun to tinker and ride. Wish i found these when i was younger.



  2. domino

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    Nice...Maybe a SBP shift kit next....oh my, the possibilities!
  3. Lazieboy

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    Where did you get the motor kit from.
  4. Tango911

    Tango911 New Member

    its off ebay, boygofast = the seller.

    lame name but the engine seems very good and strong. the pull start is a cable not a rope. didnt come with the wider crank had to order seperate but still a good deal at $195.00 including the crank.
  5. looks good! I wish they made a kick start instead of the pull start.
  6. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Dassa PURDY one !!!!!!!
  7. Lazieboy

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    Kick Start

    I'am sure its coming. I think would be cool and popular.
  8. Tango911

    Tango911 New Member

    agreed, kick would be good but the way it mounts, it might loosen the engine after awhile?? idk.. could be cool tho.
  9. Porkchop

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    How was your centrifugal clutch kit to install ? I have one but I need a spacer about 4mm thick to take up space between engine case and clutch cover. I cut gasket material, but I'm not impressed with that configuration at all. Gotta be a better way. Also, did you still have to use the manual clutch with your centrifugal kit ? I've been told you have to for starting. I understand how all that stuff works in conjunction with each other. I ws aslo told to take the retainer spring off free wheel mechanism on the cent. clutch and flip it over to do away with the manual clutch. Please explain how you did it and post photos if you can and it's not to much trouble !
    THANKS !
  10. arkives1

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    I had the same problem with two of them. I used a piece of lexan just under 1/4" thick and painted it black to match the engine. I made it round and just a bit bigger in diameter than the diameter of the c-clutch cover at the screw holes. Been on the bikes for months and no problems.The first one I did cracked at one of the screw holes but think I cut it too close to the holes. I used a fly cutter type cutter in a drill press to cut the center hole just a tiny bit smaller than the inside diameter of the cover. I did the lay out for all the mounting screw holes from the center BEFORE cutting out the hole. It looked a bit odd at first but now I don't even notice it.