Schwinn Landmark 66cc

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  1. modchris

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    :) my first build... only problem i had was cheezy stock chain and chain tensioner. but i shimmed the chain tensioner and installed #41 high tensile strength chain.

    (Updated) "Added more Photo's" as well..

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  2. motorpsycho

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    that's a pretty clean looking build.
    May i make a suggestion tho?
    you should consider lowering the rear of the engine and raising the front of the engine so that the carb sits more level.
    sometimes when the carb is at an angle like that, the float bowl will run out of gas when you run at w.o.t. for awhile.
  3. modchris

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    The carb is almost perfectly even now.. it just looked like that in the photo and i moved the motor around sense that photo.. thanks.. the bike runs awesome but now... its like 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit here now on average as i am in maine and winter is comming.. the bike starts a little hard and is a little cold blooded but not bad always starts.
  4. modchris

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    ill post a video of it in a few days :)... Also i am running 16:1 mixture ratio for fuel.. as it said in the cheezy instructions it came with... is 16:1 to thick...? also said after 5 tanks of gas or 500 miles or something like that i do belive i can switch to 20:1... that just seems like alot of oil to me..
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  5. dodge dude94

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    Mine said first gallon...
    I have noticed I go through a lot of fuel @ 16:1. lol

    What engine size? 49?
    Nice build.
  6. a/c man

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    !6:1 gas/oil ratio is too oily. If you pull out your spark plug you are going to notice that after a short amount of time it's going to be black and oily looking.
    It won't hurt the engine but it's gonna foul that plug pretty quickly.

    A better ratio would be 24:1 for a couple of tank fulls and probably go to 30:1