Schwinn Landmark My first Build

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    Here is my Schwinn Landmark.

    Had to make a custom motor mount for the front. If I didn't the carburetor would be leaning too much and would not be level!
    (due to frame being at a bad angle. Non - V Frame)

    I took a electrical outlet cover bought at lowes for $1.00.

    Then I took the large bike tube adapter plate you know the one with three holes! ( The one they say to use to drill a hole in frame in order to mount motor on large frame tubes.

    Well I laid it down on the outlet cover and marked the holes to drill then moved it down and marked the holes again. If you lay it on the metal outlet cover then mark the holes then draw a line under the adapter plate then move it down under that line then mark the holes again then draw another line under the adapter plate it will come out perfect. Then I used a 2 1/4 inch U bolt also bought at lowes to go around frame. Then I used the frame holder piece the one given to be used under the frame for the original motor mount. I then drilled 5/16" holes into it for u bolt to be able to go thru it.

    Then I took and placed the u bolt under frame where I Needed it then added some spacers then added the original mounting securement plate followed by 2 nuts one on each side. Then added 2 more nuts to make the mounting plate high enough off of frame to be at proper level for motor mount so engine is level now. I know it sounds hard but is very easy to make and is self explanatory if you just look at pics I have included.

    The kit I bought is the phantom edition which I would recommend to anyone looking for a more stable rear wheel sprocket connection it includes the heavy duty rear axle kit.

    Which was kinda a pain. I had to have a bike shop order 12 gauge spokes for it then custom drill each hole to allow the bigger spoke nipples to fit thru the wholes on my original rim. Then they had to dish it out right and make it true. All in all it cost me $83 to build the back wheel. But I think it was worth it. Because now rear wheel is strong and well balanced.

    One thing though using this heavy duty axle kit I noticed is that the chain alignment is good with motor but in order to mount chain tension-er I had to place it under the seat around the seat post frame in order to make it line up with chain. If I try to mount it on back frame of bike near left side of wheel it doesn't line up good and needs a long bolt other then the one that came with it to make it reach chain then it is very close to wheel. In order to avoid this I placed the tension-er under the seat as you see in these photos included.

    But after that all is good except I am having trouble using the brake drum kit because when I put it on it scrapes when brakes aren't in use and slows you down when not pressing brakes. I guess it's just an adjustment but I am just going to take it off and forget about it though anyway.

    Sorry for such a long post but just trying to help other people that might be experiencing the same problems I had.:D:D:D

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    Ok so I use a mount like you did to level the carb and well the exhaust now is having issues hitting the crank. Did you have this problem and if you did how did you fix it.