Schwinn Point Beach

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bmoody, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. bmoody

    bmoody Member

    Just picked up a point beach last night and returned the junk avalon bike I had bought.

    Got the 80cc motor paid for and being shipped. Cant wait to get the two together.

    Look forward to sharing the progress along the way.

  2. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    I got mine too...

    I just got home with my Point Beach. Good points, nice finish, looks like good welds, and very light. Unhappy with the brake cables etc... Cheap. But the last bike I bought was a 1973 Suburban. MUCH difference in quality.
  3. bmoody

    bmoody Member

    Are the cables on your point beach about a 6" too long?

    They stick way the heck out on mine.
  4. dtchevy42

    dtchevy42 Guest

    I built a Point Beach last fall with a Power King. I chose the point beach because it was one good looking cruiser. As you may know, the bottom motor mount clamp won't work because the frame is too big. I ended up using the "FRAME SAVER" that can be found on eBay. I can't recommend this product enough- it made life much easier.

    So far, I'm pretty happy with the bike. Only problem so far was the rear hub had to be replaced...supposedly this is a common issue on Schwinn's.

    And yes, the cables stick out a bit. A couple zip ties should clean that up a bit.
  5. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    Did you use the large case adapter like the one sold by boygofast?
  6. bmoody

    bmoody Member

    I'm just going to pick up the metal at the hardware shop and weld one together.
  7. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest


    What would you charge me for one?
  8. dtchevy42

    dtchevy42 Guest


    No, I did not use the large case adapter on my Point Beach. It was the standard size (smaller) mount, which is why I needed the "Frame Saver." If anyone is interested I can find the seller's ebay username.

    The bike was a dorm room build, so this option was better than going the fabrication route for me.
  9. chuck216

    chuck216 Member

    I've got a Point Beach with a 4 stroke kit installed.. looks great.
  10. bmoody

    bmoody Member

    I'll let you know once i get the motor this week. Its shipping today.
  11. motoschwinn

    motoschwinn Guest

    I went ahead and ordered the large tube adapter from Boygofast on Ebay, but still let me know what you come up with. I want something that looks better than what he has.