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    I was reading a thread last night about the reliability of the "Happy Time" engines...or lack there of. In the thread there were mentions made of other types or at least other names were mentioned such as Grubee , Starfire Zbox and such.

    I had petty much assumed up until now that the Happy Time engine was the standard frame mounted Chinese two stroke. I've also gathered that there is/was a "Grubee" engine that although similar if not identical to a standard Happy Time was for some reason a bit better.

    I had thought though that for the most part the engines are all pretty much the same and come from a variety of Chinese factories, the exact origin not really known.

    In any case if anyone knows could you sort of fill me in on what the differences may be between the standard frame mounted two strokes offered by so many different vendors. Is there really any difference at all? Who has the best and does it have a name?

    I bought my 80 cc bike engine from the first place that offered a low price and would actually answer the phone. I think it was Gas Bike but don't even remember for sure.

    I'm sure others on this forum would like to know as well.
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    I think that all of your answers are here to be found on site

    the made in Japan engines are some of the best made
    cost -- on the higher side for sure

    have fun with what you have
    and if like myself
    now I have plenty of time thinking about my motor bike #2 -- coming soon

    ride the motor bike thing