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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BrassoMan, May 31, 2009.

  1. BrassoMan

    BrassoMan New Member

    Hey guys, Ive had my motorised bicycle for a few months now and I think I'm addicted to it. At the moment, the back wheel is buggered so I had to get a new one but the new one is disc brake compatible, so I need to get some new parts for it but should hopefully be alot stronger than the standard method of mounting it to the spokes.

    I was on the other MB forum, thought it was the only one. Seems there are alot of Aussies on this forum. xD

  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Hi and welcome to MBc.
    Yes there are quite a few Aussies here, might be a good time to read up and for solidarity with the legislation pending down there.
  3. Victor Vance

    Victor Vance Member

    Hey what state are you in Australia, im in SA. What kind of engine you got there on your bike?
  4. BrassoMan

    BrassoMan New Member


    Im in Sydney, NSW. I got a Z80 engine kit from ZBOX, I think Im having more problems with it than I should but everyone time i fix something, it usually gets better than it was before it was broken.
  5. will_start

    will_start Member

    Hey BrassoMan,

    I got the same Zbox, and I think you'll be travelling a similar route I have.
    Fix it, break it, fix it, break it, hopefully make it better...enjoy.
  6. Victor Vance

    Victor Vance Member

    I got a Z50 from zbox, kicking myself for not getting the z80.
  7. Stink Bike

    Stink Bike Member

    Welcome Brassoman.
    It takes a couple on hundred kilometers for all of the bits to stop stretching, them things will settle down a bit.It's always a good idea to give to bike and motor a once over with a spanner every 100 kilometers.
  8. BrassoMan

    BrassoMan New Member

    Haha, ok. What speeds do you get without pedalling on flat and with which sprocket etc?

    Is the Z50 noticeably less powerful than the Z80? I heard theyre pretty much the same and that the Z50 might have a better top-end.

    Yeah, the engine has kinda slipped out of its mounts sometimes making it really rattly and even lost a few nuts, but luckily had some spares.
  9. Victor Vance

    Victor Vance Member

    I think it has just abit more torque/kw's then mine. Its quick, ive hit 49.9 kph according to my speedo and a good set of brake's are needed.
  10. BrassoMan

    BrassoMan New Member

    Dam, thats fast. So the Z80 would be better for climbing hills and pushing large objects?
  11. will_start

    will_start Member

    40km/hr, but I have no speedo, I have one I got for christmas,
    am yet to install. Dunno the sprocket info.

    My back wheel is on its last legs, so I think that'll
    improve the speed, when I get a new wheel.

    I also think my motor cylinder, is stuffed as it had a hole in it from the start.
    So, I probably never get full compresion.

    I also don't like the thought of coming off at a higher speed...
    which slows me down.

    Re: the tightening of stuff, I put Super-Glue everywhere
    once I first tighten it all up.
    and never tighten anything, just put super-glue on all
    the nuts every now and then.

    But thats just my way out of being lazy I guess.
    I even put it on the bolts that tighten the back wheel,
    anywhere that can come loose gets the glue.

    For $2 for 10 tubes you're laughing...
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  12. BrassoMan

    BrassoMan New Member

    Ok. lol, I think the same thing happens to me, when I put on more throttle, the engine seems to rev higher than what I would think is a healthy amount, which worries me a little.
  13. EnFlaMEd

    EnFlaMEd Member

    Hey dude good to see another Aussie. I am from South Australia!
  14. will_start

    will_start Member

    These engines can rev quite high, without fault.
    at the moment, I'm using the engine as my brake when riding around,
    and when going slow, it revs/sounds real low.

    Always take a bike lock, so if you break down, you can tie it up
    and walk home lol.
  15. runnamuc

    runnamuc New Member

    hi' i'm from newcastle and i've got the 80
    my top speed is 42 on the flat and it runs well i thought but hearing all this talk about going up to 50 i'm a bit peeved that i cant get that. ive done port matching and exhaust mods and never had any boost up top but i get to 40k in about 20 mtrs
  16. ENO

    ENO Member


    ENO (Newcastle NSW)..Welcome again to Mbc..My son runs the HT 80cc on his OCC Chopper..probably does around 35 to 40k..need speedo..try adding a better quality chain instead of the chinese cheapo..Get a 415 (S) FENNER ROLLER CHAIN (Blackwoods or Baker Industries NSW)..only about $14 for a ten foot length (= two chains)..make sure you order extra chain links (33 cents each) at the same time..Doesnt flip off the tensioner / doesnt bend and twist like the chinese one...If youre looking for Aussies in your zone go to the thread "AUSSIE ROLL CALL" they are all there...Good luck..ENO

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  17. suspect

    suspect Member

    im from NZ and im just about to get a z50, dont need the lowrev torque as much as its got pedals! altho the stance of my bike makes it hard to pedal uphill...
    im a bit worried about rumours ive heard about these zbox motors tho
  18. EnFlaMEd

    EnFlaMEd Member

    Ive hit 62kmh now with my skyhawk 66cc. I have a fair few bolt on mods though including the sbp shift kit and a billet high comp head.
  19. Victor Vance

    Victor Vance Member

    what rumours ahve you heard? Get a Z80. Half the ones i see on the road are 66cc(i know the looks of one) and cops cant tell the difference.
  20. suspect

    suspect Member