Source For Three Piece Wide Cranks?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by birddog, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. birddog

    birddog Guest

    Anyone know of a stateside source for the three piece wide cranks that are used for the 4 stroke kits?

  2. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    3-piece cranks

    Why don't you work out a trade with the guy from Michigan who only seems to have kits with the cranks you are looking for. I know he runs into the same problem as you, people wanting to buy kits and not having the cranks they need. I find it really odd that you would have only imported the one piece set up. It took over a month but you finally replied to an e-mail I sent you asking about 3-piece cranks saying you had them and to just add them to my shopping cart on-line, but I had already called and gotten exactly the opposite response, that no you didn't have the 3 piece cranks and had no plans to get them, and that people wern't asking for them. I guess I was miss informed? I've read here that members have had good experiences dealing with your firm, but I've had problems getting what I consider straight and timely information to make a purchase from you. I spoke with the man in Michigan and he had some cranks he said he could sell because he had purchased some one piece set-ups from you so I'm sure if you contact him you will be able to come to some type of arrangement.

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  3. birddog

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    I do apologize for the untimely response to your email. We have had nothing, but trouble with our mail server since they "upgraded" some anti-spam software server side. It has caused us countless delays and is no doubt compromising our customer service. We hope we have the problem remedied, but would advise you to call us for immediate help.

    We did not receive any 3 piece wide cranks with our shipment. At the time the order was placed I was told that they were not available. We have not had a ton of requests for them, but I do plan to stock them. However, this won't be until our next container shipment. It is not cost effective to import just 20-30 cranks. I apologize for any confusion as to the availability. If I can work something out with the Michigan guy you mention, perhaps I will have some sooner.

    I do appreciate the information. I will attempt to contact him soon. Thanks:grin:
  4. I also think Dennis Foster Stocks them. is ha is email address. I bought a Super Rat from him, What an engine!!!!! His contact info was actually printed in the 2 stroke grube owners manuals. He is a real good guy. I'm sure he would hook you up.
  5. birddog

    birddog Guest

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Dennis. I might shoot him an email. Thanks.