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    Been surfing through the board and found a few funny posts about the spandex riders :jester: Apparently, they're not so fond of our creations :eek:

    Would love to hear some funny stories of your encounters with them... :idea: Cause let's be honest, half of them have a chip on their shoulder, at least in my area (DFW, TX) :cool2:

    The first weekend I had my motorized bike, I saw a small herd of them and was like this will be fun. I went full lance armstrong and caught up with them. As I was riding, several of them shouted "that's cheating." -I said "and that's boring." There goes that, I thought it'd be fun haha. It was a windy day and they were riding uphill and they seemed butthurt. So I changed lanes and passed them going uphill into the wind, only to hear more "that's cheating". :icon_cry: :evilgrin: Then I pulled off onto a sidestreet and went elsewhere. :yawn: They're such badasses :rolleyes7:

    The only other encounter I had was with a guy and he seemed cool. He was smiling and I kept up with him. So it's not all bad. :cool2:

    Let's hear yours!! :devilish:

  2. grinningremlin

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    The best reply to the "That's cheating" is to slow down and say "I'm not racing" and then speed off.
    Personally I've only had waves and smiles, or maybe I'm going by them so fast I can't hear the snide remarks.
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    I've had an interesting situation on an encounter with spandex cyclists and it was hugely embarrassing for one of us, but some days you just have to take being humiliated and suck it up like a man.

    In my area a lot of upwardly mobile and increasingly wealthy 30'somethings have moved out from their city locales and changed post code to the base of Mt Dandenong in the Basin (a leafy and picturesque Melbourne outer eastern suburb) which happens to be the gateway to the hill climb up to Sassafras.
    On a Sunday the place is besieged with Cadel Evans wannabe's and the more serious Lance Armstrong wannabe's, quite possibly doped up to the eye balls on Lances performance enhancing substances.

    Naturally i like to get in the thick of things and mix it up, giving those guys something to get worked up about.
    Some of them are hugely arrogant pr!cks and ride two or three abreast, preventing car traffic from getting past, even though a bike lane has been created to solve this problem, as well as signposts denoting that cyclists are to ride single file.

    Riding two or three abreast on a windy road and not allowing cars to pass seriously irritates the heck out of me, and causes much of the anger and road rage between cars and cyclists,,,, so,,,, in such cases i feel it's my duty to lay the law down (with superior horsepower and technology), by passing those spandexers and giving them a piece of my mind as well as getting in front and slowing down and holding them up.





    doesn't go as planned

    One day i came across a herd of them and pulled alongside and gave them all a piece of my mind, then naturally i just punched in combined pedal and engine power and pulled away from the group.
    It was only around the next corner that i head a loud bang, as a 3/16 inch stick punctured my rear tyre, going straight through the thorn proof tube (something that's never happened before) and left me dead in the water, complete with trailer and safety flag sagging under it's own weight in the deadly calm wind of a beakdown.

    not 60 seconds later the bunch rounded the corner and all i can say is that they had blood red revenge in their hearts.
    I can't repeat the language they used and the caustic comments flowing in my direction, but (in hindsight it must have been hugely funny from their perspective) as i got pelted with inner tubes, water bottles and even bananas, but the greatest humiliation was when i got smacked straight in the back of the head with a solid red apple - chr!st that really hurt.

    I've learnt my lesson - now i run my tyres with not only thorn proof tubes but puncture resistant tyre liners ;-)
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    Nice!! Wow, throwing a apple at you is rude!

    I just remembered as soon as I pulled off the road I ran out of gas. That woulda been embarassing
  5. laugh

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    I LOVE those people. I positively adore passing them while ringing my bell and shouting !!!200 MPG!!! I then laugh manically and speed off into the sunset trailing a rooster tail of fire and smoke while classic rock plays in the background.... or something like that.
  6. grinningremlin

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    Again, first place goes to Fabian for the "gutbust" award.
  7. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Fabian, maybe ya could've called the police. That's assault.
  8. Fabian

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    Most Australians are a bit different to Americans - we don't believe in getting the police involved for such simple assaults. The next time in in the area i'll have a quiet chat to the person who was involved in the apple throwing incident when we both happen to be in the same place at the same time.