Spark plug blues (need low profile spark plug and distributer cap)

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    OK, so I have determined that I did no leave enough room above the engine to easily get the spark plug and distributor cap on. I was wondering if there were any spark plugs that would both work and be lower profile that I could put into the happy time, and any distrubor caps that would work.

    Also, what is even in the distributor cap that makes it work? I just see one area where it connects to the spark plug- logically it would need I missing something? Or would I be fine just making a connection with a nut that fits the screw on tip of the spark plug and some solder?

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    champion cj7y is much shorter than stock plug (I have approx 6k miles on one) :cool2:
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    NGK BPM6A and NGK BPM7A are low profile plugs. Available at NGK sellers.

    (SBP has both $1.99)

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    LOL at distributor cap... I think you mean spark plug boot fella ;)
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    Aw, c'mon give him a break. I usually call it that black rubber thingy that goes on the metal, zappy thingy screwed into the top of the hot, burning thingy. All things considered, he's much better than me.
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    and Parah,

    If you go with the shorter plugs, you will need to switch the chinese, black hard plastic cap thingy to a regular automotive style boot-cap-thingy.
    (the original boot/cap is too long for the shorter plug. You can get really short auto-type boots, at your local auto parts stores)

    the cap unscrews from the wire & the wire unscrews from the CDI.

    The wire size is 7mm.

    here's more info:
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    Nice one, no need to give the guy grief!

    Like people that say clip instead of magazine, who really cares?
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    Welcome to the Twightlight Zone!!! That post is almost 3 years old!

    Welcome to the forum.

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