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sparken-plug blues

Gramps, Do NOT buy the same plug as the NE5 boys, it will NOT fit your engine.

Hi Grumpywhizzer,
Most WC-1 motors use a 14 MM spark plug, whereas the NE motors use the 10 MM spark plug. The later WC-1 motors used the same 10 MM plug as the NE motor. If I were you I wouldn't worry about spark plugs, but would try to find the parts to upgrade the motor. The best way to upgrade is either buy the NE upgrade kit, or obtain only the necessary parts. It is possible to make the motor "bullet proof" by only changing the cylinder, head, head gasket, head bolts, and exhaust manifold. You can keep the original carburetor, and use the original piston & rings. The kit has the same parts, but includes a carburetor, piston & rings.

Have fun
Whizzer OuterBanks
Hi GRUMPYWHIZZER the correct Iridium plug for early head is BR6HIX #3419. On later 10mm plug use CR7EIX #7385 . hope this helps Bill Green
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Hi Bill - thanks for the info - but I wasn't the one who asked for it =P I already the Iridium in my NE5 =)

Hope you had a great weekend!
That is the wrong plug for a WC-1. Unless you have done an NE5 upgrade on your engine. The threads on a WC-1 head are 14mm and the threads on an NE5 are 10mm

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