Speeding on a bike?

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    If a cop pulls you over for speeding on your bike, you're obviously going to get a ticket. But what happens if you dont have a license? What happens if you dont carry any form of ID? Or the only form of ID that you have is a school ID? What happens then? Will you still get ticketed?

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    Almost certainly that question would depend on many variables for an answer. Probably the most important are, in descending order: 1) the cop; 2) the jurisdiction; 3) the immediate circumstances; 4) your attitude toward the cop; 5) whether your bike is properly equipped by local ordinance; and most importantly 6) whether you were riding in an otherwise safe fashion in obedience to the rules of the road for bicycles.

    Speed in and of itself is generally not the central causative factor in being stopped. It is almost always accompanied by other clear indicators of a disregard for road rules and safety. When it is not so accompanied, you are (if respectfully polite to the officer) liable to get a warning and advised to carry ID in future - which is a good idea. Be a bad day to get sideswiped by a cager, and lie on a cold slab in a morgue as a John Doe while your family frantically wonders where you are.
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    Here in Wisconsin, the law states that to operate a motorized bike, you have to have at least a regular driver's license, and it is illegal to operate a car or MB without that ID on one's person. If you were to be pulled over and did not have that ID with you, it would be within the officer's jurisdiction to issue a ticket for not having the ID (as well as any other infractions that caused the officer to stop you in the first place).

    But whether or not he WILL issue that ticket is, just like Simon said, based on a lot of other factors. The first time I got pulled over for speeding ever, I got just a warning. Second time I got a reduced penalty, probably because I was courteous and cooperative (and didn't try to pull any BS stories about WHY I was speeding).