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  1. motorpsycho

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    I just picked up a schwinn brand digital speedometer for $10.00 at wal mart. (it was on sale...normally $17.99).
    Lets hope this one actually works unlike the el-cheapo sun-ding one i bought off e-bay a few months ago.

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    Decent brand, will probably be OK. Otherwise Cateye, as I suggested last week. They're proven. (No, I'm not paid by Cateye)

    ... Steve
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    well, i can not find the cateye ones locally around here, and i can't get one off e-bay because my paypal is empty right now. last night i was in the store and spotted the schwinn one for $10.00 so i bought it. i figure $10.00 isn't a lot of $$ and if it doesn't work with the motor running, i can return it.
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    I have the same one

    It works really good most of the time (it reset a couple times, but moving it seemed to cure RF problems). It allows for adding miles to the ODO (if you reset and re enter wheel mm circ).

    I think its awesome for $10. The Cateyes and other computers like it seem more immune to RF interference, and have darker LCD displays, but this works ok. It has not reset after riding more than 30 mi at various speeds. This computer also uses common button batteries, better to me than the coin batteries.

    You can get a replacement plug wire from Sick Bike Parts for $5-7, or you can wrap your stock one with some electric tape, heat tape, or rubber hose, and this may help if you have reset problems.

    Check your magnet placement first, run the wire away from the metal and plug wire as much as possible, and maybe wrap the computer wire in electric tape or plastic tube wrap.

    The zip tie attachment method is durable and simple, and not bad looking. Use a piece of rubber shim or sticky pad tape under the computer to prevent vibrating the screen to prevent eyestrain and keep it from moving on the bar.

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  5. motorpsycho

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    I've already replaced my stock plug wire with an accell superstock insulated wire (left over from my car).