Spoke Gage Size (diameter)

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    A utility I wrote to calculate gage size from the SAE or metric spoke diameter, or the reverse. Download/run the installer file (preferably to the default folder) and enjoy.

    Note that when you enter a spoke diameter and calculate the spoke gage size, the utility rounds to the nearest whole gage size - this could be either up, or down.

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    nice little utility !!!
    thanks Lou :)
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    I like it. Very cool.

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    Thank you...Going to be very handy.
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    What are the readily available gauges?
  6. Whatever spoke/nipple is handy from whatever donor bike has the misfortune of finding it's way into my shop is the guage i typically use ;-p

    i got one of those spoke cutter things - it was like 100 bucks, but i just cut spokes to length, thread 'em and put em in.

    and i put the unit in my vise, pulled the handle off the cutter dealy, and chucked it up in my drill.

    i plan to add some spokes to a tiny kiddy bike wheel i have on one project. just plan to eyeball, center punch and drill

    small wheel == more torque + less spokes+ fat guy = busted spokes .

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