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  1. I was having a problem keeping my chain taut, and was very unhappy with the stock chain, so off to Tractor Supply for some #41 chain. Got the chain and got to browsing and also picked up a really sweet ball bearing, rubeer coated chain trensioner, AND spring, it is sold seperatly. After mounting the chain I took some 3/8 althread rod, heated it up and bent it into a U shape to fit around seatpost. I cut a strip of metal ( out of stock tensioner mount) to secure allthread. Then I just mounted the spring tensioner to the end of the allthread, the ID of the tensioner seems to be a good fit on 3/8" rod. Then a little adjustment and done. Spent $40. on everything including new chain. I have put a couple of miles on it an it is a lot quieter, and very smooth...

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  2. Dawg,that's pretty insane! What is that tensioner originally for?
    I think we have a Tractor supply here in Colorado.
    Where would it be in the store?
    And is that chain thinner than the factory chain,thicker? Same size?
    It even looks like that can go on the original location for bikes that don't have room below their engine.
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  3. They had the tensioner in the section with centrifugal clutches, and parts for atv's, mini bikes etc. It is made for atv's to keep chain taut. It is rubber and a set of ball bearings inside. As for the chain Large it is the same pitch, but is wider and appears much better made. It is like $14. for 10 feet. I read alot of posts where people were switching, and I only have approx. 50 miles on my bike, but did not like the stock chain. The one thing about the tensioner I did have to remove the front derailer (sp), I might have been able to move it up but would have had to move engine also.. I am thinking now about using the front derailer shifter as a remote choke lol.... but thats another day and another post....
  4. Sweet, some great ideas for tomorrow!!!! lol. I wish I had the patience to take pics as I go along. I know it would help other people. But once I "get into it" I have a one track mind. So many of the posts have step by step pics, that have helped me or given me ideas. I liked your idea on the clutch lever, but went for extending the lever that comes out of the engine, and moving it inward (toward clutch cable anchor) that helped immensly on my hand...

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  5. I had someone ask me about the parts I used. I looked on TCS website and they do not show them. It looks like they carry them as accessories for their line of mini bikes "Baja Motorsports". Anyone interested the part numbers are as follows:
    #165-063 Chain Tensioner with roller.
    #165-280 Chain Tensioner Spring...
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    That is a really good looking tensioner. Very nice work!

    Go ahead and do the remote choke. The extra (exterior) clutch spring makes and excellent return spring for the handlebar choke lever. I made one for my wife's bike and it works like a charm.
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    That chain tensioner is amazing. Effective components like this should be more common in kits...
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    That is a nice tensioner- I bought that roller wheel at TSC last year and have not figured out how to use it. Your design is very good, but due to my specific engine and frame, I cannot lift the design intact- you have inspired me though. Thanks!
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    Allthread and chain solution

    That is a supurb roller no doubt. I bought everything except the spring (out of stock) and started putting it together. The first thing was bending the allthread, even with a blowtorch and oven mitts, it was nearly impossible to bend. When i did get it around the right shape, the apex had cracked from stress. I also took a few teeth off my hacksaw cutting it.
    After i gave up in the allthread, i used the tensioner bracket, drilled to 3/8" cut one end off and used bolts. This almost worked but the screws from the engine got in the way of aligning the rolller, it also pushed the "bottom" chain too close to the " top" chain.
    After that failed i tried to mount it where the original one went. This was working fine untill 10ft later the chain had grabbed the roller and bent the arm.

    As a last resort, i took out another 2 links of my chain and loosened the back wheel nuts. I originally didn't think i had the wiggle room for my wheel. Put the master link in, pulled the wheel tight and straight, tighten the bolts and Presto! My first bike finally works perfectly!

    I would recommend taking out links with a chain tool ( i used a bike chain tool for #50 chain, still worked out okay) than wasting time with a tensioner
  10. Sorry you had difficulty. The bending of the allthread was the trickiest part, the rod has to be heated and bent slowly working the torch (I used propane) along the radius and keeping the socket (I used a socket screwed to a board) hot also. I have somewhere between 100 and 200 miles on it and it works great. If you decide you dont like your setup without it, PM me and perhaps we can get together and make the tensioner work, seeing as your only in Melbourne...
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    That is a great solution Misterright1 to the tensioner problem and it looks so much better than having it stuck on the chain stay. Those stock chains are a joke cos the link lengths vary which is hard to work out how they manage to make them like that. The tractor chain and tensioner are superb so the only spanner in the works is the drive sprocket which I've found are never evenly machined.
  12. Fred, I'm sorry I lost your email add. My chain rides about 2'' from my seat post. It rides closer to my rear tire because I am running a wider #41 chain. I have the tensioner shimmed way out, but it can be moved in on the allthread rod. You must have a large down tube for the chain to be rubbing on it huh? Any other question please email me or post here and I will be happy to help answer your questions...
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    I went on that Tractor Supply site awhile back and could not find that tensioner......Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Seems like alot of the stores dont stock it. I posted the part numbers, if you call them I bet they will order it for you. There was a member either here or the other forum that had one for sale in the swap/ sell section...
  15. Cheep alternitive

    OK I think I have another solution. I found that if Youplace two flat washers on each side of the sprocket wheel of a rear deraler it will fit the chain on the HT motors, Im working on the mounting now will post pics when(IF) i have them. I needed more travel than that tensioner could provide. I think my solution will work.(please lord let it work).
  16. Good luck on your project, look forward to seeing the pics...I have seen posts on those either here or the other forum. I was going to go that route and buy a single speed chain tensioner, but everything I found was for the other side and was too much work and too expensive to adapt to motor side. This was only about $20. and well worth the price IMHO......
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    chain tensioner

    I see you got this from tractor supply. What was the part # for all you got?
    Thanks, Notso
  18. They might have to order them...........
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    Thanks Mrright, I'll look it up now. I'm in Palm City. Your on treasure coast where?