Sprocket bent??

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    So I bought the 66cc 2 stroke engine from bikeberry and I put it on the bike and I haven't even run the damn bike yet, so here's the issues. So when i spin the clutch assembly with the clutch covers off u can clearly see the engine sprocket is clearly crooked/lop sided when the chain is on and cover also, the chain was grinding into the cover because the sprocket is so off. I don't know if it's the shaft that's off or the sprocket that was just made wrong BECAUSE THE MOTOR HAS NEVER BEEN RUN. What should I do buy a new sprocket or replace something else?????

  2. I would contact bikeberry about this seems to me you got a bad engine and you might just get a new one and save you the trouble
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    see your other posting of this
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    I have 2 new motors and had same problem, I took the sprocketcover off and ground the front part of the cover until it fits. I talked my vendor and he thought in might be due to larger chain (420).it shouldn't be a hard fix, gotta remember there cheap.make it work
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    I have seen the chain bind on the cover in the front too, just grind or cut the front of the cover, it won't hurt anything, its an open cover anyway, the magneto cover is right next to it so you don't even see it.