Stainless steel fuel tank, free to a good home...

(You just pay for shipping.)

I have a pair of stainless steel pressure tanks - apx. 1/2 gallon capacity. They're 5-1/2 inch diameter, and 7-1/2 inch long (not counting the fittings.) A little less than 4 pounds weight, dry. The shipping weight will be around 6 pounds. (Ground shipping cost should be less than $10)

They have a 1 inch, 90 degree ell flange fitting, a 1/4 or 1/8 NPT female fitting, and a 1 inch compression flange fitting, all welded to one end of the tank. Snapshots are below.

I figure they would make a nice fuel tank - they LOOK sort of like a small beer keg...

They will need to be cleaned out before use. (there's remnants of burned pyrotechnic propellant inside them.) Probably a half a cup of sand, a bit of dishwashing detergent, and a quart of water inside, block the exits, and shaking vigorously for a while should do the trick. Plus, there's a bit of white paint/overspray on the outside.

Please send me a PM if interested - I can get a shipping quote & let you know. Then, you Paypal payment to reimburse me for the shipping costs, and I ship one of them out to you.


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Yes. I won't be able to ship it until next week, though. Send me a PM with your particulars for shipping, (name/address/email/phone) and I'll send you my name/email address for paypal.

I should know exactly how much it'll cost then, as I'm sending one to an address near Philly this afternoon. BTW - they ARE pressure tanks, so you could probably hold enough air to refill a bike tire a time or two...