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  1. Pictures and Avail of the only Steel Sleeve 66 cc EPA

    On these Barrells the Intake and Exhaust ports are the ones for the 3mm Bigger intake and exhaust flange Alot closer to a tuned Jug as this Sleeve is STEEL and I beleive it is set in Cast Iron. These are heavy. I can get them. I have the option to on my Engines I just dont have the Carb or Exhaust at this time. The Chrome Is a lot lighter and will have less friction(More power) But the port size difference and port timing would allow further power increase. Pretty durastic. I beleive you can get a replacement Carb (the 3mm LargerTube and Carb) from(Grube) Spooky Tooth Soon.or( direct to Intake Port mount! He also has some tuned off road pipes that would be nice to add a Catalytic converter too. I offered to do the design to Don but so far He'd rather me become a Distributer For Him before he sent me a pipe or 5 at a certain low price to start working with( a come up of a really sound Idea) and that I should just purchase the Pipe off Spooky Tooth. So hes not really concerned with the whole touching Bases with the On road thing with these. He actually sounded more like he wants to pay for the tools that he bought to produce the Rat Expansion Chamber FIRST And I cant say I disagree. They are going to have to get a Spark arrester on them before they are ORV Registerable. So **** push them till its paid for and well find a solution. None of us are rich. But we seem to getter done . . Oh Spookys got 30 Expansion Chambers coming hope they are available to the General public instead of the people that tear up Lawns. They wont last long that way any how.

    PM ME if you guys need to do a 20+ KIT order for the steel sleeve engine Ill do 20 at a time but Ill need to know before my next order (28 days). In two months you can order one at a time for $145 without the shipping. but 20+ orders will be closer to $118 a peice shp hndlg Im not sure how much. probably $20 to $40 pc. Depending on where your at? If this is a vendor thing since I gues sit is an Offering to our people could it stay in both places if not I'll re Write. Any Questions or copies of the EPA Ill have a copy for each and every one if need be. Furthermore each engine will have factory logo and data plate with EPA stamped into The Block.

    This is the link of the carb for the new port size on this engine (Steel Sleeved)22mm

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    Great news. Do you know if oversize pistons and rings are gonna be availible.

  3. Yes theyll even come in forged. Wiseco Piston. The Data from the Stock 66 is being sent to Wiseco for thier AutoCad Database. Probably start at 15 thous' over Super thick wall would allow up to 120 thous though!
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    wow! this a step in the right direction!! good stuff!
  5. Rick SpeedSter Motors Co. of Washington USA. I commuicate with thier Logistics and one of the Manufacturers ,Who works with Engineers right outside his door, Every night and have a very good communication and friendship going. I also am getting this because of contracts with umm well name be unsaid another General Engineer pave the way and they now have this as their assembly line. No hard feelings. They still put out a ###1 Bushing bearing 66EPA That I think is the number one engine if you don't plan on increasing the Carb to 22mm. A performer for sure. I order them in Shipments THE GOOOOODS!
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    i'm a little confused.

    are you selling the entire engine with intake/carb, or just the engines? or just some of the engine parts?
  7. Just a picture of what the Bore options on the Kits are. This is a Wholesale price. The Rock bottom of price. And available through My Distribution.
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    PM for you there, piggy :)

    EDIT: sorry if i'm not 'getting it'.

    $145 is price of an entire kit, with the steel bore? and did i read that they're wrist-pin BUSHING motors? i likes me some bushings! :)
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  9. Yes. I did just talk to The manu facturer. At this time it is too late to pack for Steel sleeve on this Like I was telling you guys before it will be prooobably about a month to 2 months before Ill be ordering again but at that time I WILL be ordering. If I had 118$ not including shipment to your house from each person I could add an additional pallet but would have to be 28 of you. If you are interested **** have to have them to the Port by the 15th so 1 day notice to manufacturer to pull out and an additional 2 days Production. This is the real deal!
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    right on. cool :)
  11. The 48s are Available Right now. They Seem to Order Frominternal China the 55 and larger Jugs and are special order. Hower they are still offered. They Do Produce the 48 Steel Sleeve/Cast Jug There at their Plant and Yes can order the 17-22mm Carbs but dont stock them. In order to make the Steel Sleeve order at this time At this ammount (115 un shipped) It would be the 48's And sounds Like my next order will be in 45 Days and will be getting some. The Portsd are still the Oversized ones This is theier Jug up above..
  12. Id now recomend a 17 to 19mm as the Bolt on to the 48cc Steel Jugged(Needle in this size). 22 would be a little Much for all Expansion chamber but the one on here from Santa Cruz.