Stock Baffle Out- Verdict Is In...excellent.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mcassMB6, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. mcassMB6

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    Just removed my stock muffler internal baffle. What an excellent idea. Best 20 minutes I've spent with my bike in a while.

    A touch louder...not too bad (now sounds like a pocket bike)...and acceleration seems to be a tad better.

    The insane pinch they put in that thing baffles my mind...someone in China should spread that word that quietness is never an excuse for reduced flow or power. Tisk Tisk...hahah.

  2. Jakylpops

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    Baffles out...huge difference

    I've had my "80cc" from boygofast for about 2 weeks now, and after finally burning through my first gallon of gas, I decided it was safe to assume the break-in was finished.

    I drilled a couple extra holes in the back and bottom of the air filter cover, then pulled the baffle out of the muffler for some full throttle fun.
    The extra air filter holes don't seem to make much difference, but pulling the baffle out turns it into a wheelie popping screamer.:shock:

    first of all

    BOY IS IT LOUD!!!!

    With the baffles in I've never even come close to pulling the front wheel off the ground, but with them OUT I have to watch out for random bumps if I'm getting on the throttle. I was tearing around the backyard, coming out of a corner and accelerating when I hit a clump of grass and found myself looking at the sky for a few seconds.
  3. stude13

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    did you have shrooms on that pizza?
  4. jared3377

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    Now that's funny!
  5. kaploink

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    Wouldn't removing the baffle make the engine run lean due to the loss of back pressure?
  6. lildeezul

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    should i drill the baffle, cut the baffle or completely remove it ?
  7. meme405

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    Its really bad for your engine if you take the baffle out, Two strokes require a certain amount of backpressure to continue to work for a long time. Without that backpressure you could very easily and quickly ruin your engine... Cut out a little bit of your baffle but make sure you put it back in other wise not only is it bad for the engine if your piston seizes it could be downright dangerous...
  8. mcassMB6

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    Is all this true about backpressure? I figured it would make for less restricted exhaust. Im sure I've got some back pressure right?

    I pretty much snipped this baffle completely out with tin snips, so where should I go from here?
  9. meme405

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    As long as you've got over an inch (preferably about 2 inches just to be safe) you should be okay for backpressure. Expansion chambers are the way to go though...