stoopid brake question


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11:14 PM
Jun 15, 2008
i brought my new schwalbe big apple tires to a bicycle shop today and had them mounted. they commented how nice they are. anyway ....

then here i am spending 6 hours trying to get the rear tire back on correctly (quick release). i cant get the friggin rear brakes to work right. they are always getting hung up. front brakes work fine, the rear ones are really $@#$@#$%@$%@. so i spend several hours adjusting everything possible except the earths gravitational pull and the tire wont spin freely anymore. it will only spin freely if i use my hand to pull the grabbie paddie thing and shift it to one side. what the heck. whos designing these stoopid things. bike is new. whats going on?

also, the conicle shaped nut thing that hold the pads in place are now stripped. i hate working on stuff. :censored:
If they are Linear Pull Brakes, I would recommend you take the washers that are part of the brake pad assembly and try changing their position, or remove one so that you have 1mm of space between each pad and the rim. Your tire should spin freely.