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    I don't know quite where to start. I'm in the middle of my DAX 80 (70) build. I don't like front brakes without suspension forks. I wanted to run dual rears as I have been. I had a cantilever, stock and added a caliper near it, left lever for one and right for the other. I also didn't want to have a brake & clutch lever on the left. But I haven't ordered a Dual Pull Brake Lever yet. I did see a pic a while back where Ghost had converted a single pull into a dual pull. But I didn't have the materials to do it. Someone had left and old caliper brake on the bike rack right above my tire. Like they was saying, here ya go, you need a front brake. As a kid I had put the brake caliper where the kickstand goes. I saw the frayed wire form my existing caliper, I had just finished a pre-install of the Large Filipino clutch pull mod.(!) Then the AH-HA moment! :idea: But are the cables that long? I had a new set of Wally World cables checked for length and unbelievably they're long enough! So robbed some nuts and bolts I have got for the kit and mounted the pulley and gifted caliper, ran the long new wire though exiting cable though brake #1 round the pulley to brake #2. Looked at it said that ain't right. OH, it needs a cable jacket and "L" bracket. Cable I got,but I didn't have a "L" bracket. I have a strap with holes in it that was going to from the top of the chain tensioner to the frame for added security. I worked it back and forth at the 3rd hole til it broke and bent it between 1st & 2nd. There was my "L" bracket! Which I will replace when I go to the hardware store to get all the stuff I stole from the kit. It seems to work really good! Feels like there is only one brake! Having the pulley adds leverage. There is a bit of a friction point right at the "L" bracket. Which could break the cable in time. I'll either get a larger pulley or move the "L" bracket to the bolt just below the pulley. There is a little tweeking to do on it, but, I couldn't wait to get some pics and post this.

    Now, in a way I'm back where I started. Because I still have 2 break levers. I'll most likely just put the one for the cantilever in some odd spot on the bars to avoid taking it apart and losing parts. Until I get a dual pull break lever. Then it will have 3 breaks on one brake lever! I do realize that this adds no additional tire to road breaking surface, and there is most likely a point where break pad to rims surface does no further good. Since I'm not an engineer, I have no way to figure that out. I'll just go way beyond that point! Besides it looks so cool!

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    That is ingenious. Cool.
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    Yup, some nice DIY engineering there. Good job.
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    Thanks for the compliments!
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    Looks like you're going to be able to lock that thing up instantly if you choose. Nice.
    Don't underestimate the brute stopping power of a front brake though, I wouldn't personally like riding without one.
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    I'll put a front brake on when I get suspension forks. Maybe two hhmm.........
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    That's awesome, and I'm going to do that to my bike too, as I currently only have front brakes! Thanks for the great idea!

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    I found it good. Its amazing. I would love to ride it.
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    OMG! Now I know it a crazy idea if Znsane wants to do it! LOL

    Thank You, Poo

    I finally have time to do some tweeking tonite.
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