Sun Atlas Deluxe with Subaru 4-stroke

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    My trike started off like this one:
    from Pirate Cycles in Massachusetts. I didn't build it, but picked it up at an estate sale in Portland, Oregon for about half the retail price. It came with a fabric overhead bonnet type thing on a metal frame, which I removed right away. I also removed the 3 fenders. It has the Robins-Subaru 4-stroke leading to a fixed ratio gear box, and a 5-speed internal hub with coaster brake. Riding dynamics were pretty squirrely with the high seat, high bars, and flexible wheels, so I made some modifications. Low bars, saddle seat with custom mounting bracket moving the seating position towards the rear, new tires with 2 layers of tuffy tire protector in each one, and a converted brake lever for a throttle. Handling is much better now, and you can still pedal. The only thing I would change is the gear, it's a bit too high. It goes much faster than you might want it to on the flat, but it quickly loses steam going up any moderate hill, I have to pedal assist. Gear box is from Staton with a 16.07 to 1 ratio. I plan to add a wooden flat bed in place of the original basket, and lights.

    IMAG0989_1.jpg IMAG1082_1_1_1.jpg
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    Flatbed in progress...