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    I'm talking about their base model here, steel frame, 16" front wheel, 20" rear wheel. Has anyone ever put an engine on one of these? Staton used to make the parts to do it with, but I don't see anything on their site now, even though they still show their kit for the long out of production Giant Stilletto. The reason I'm asking is I have a chance to get a really good deal on one of these from a local bike shop who took it as a trade in. Perfect condition other than a few small scratches. Looks like it would make a real comfortable MB. Jerry.

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    hi junkyarddog....

    i just had one a year or so and sold it, too many bikes never rode it that much.

    If you buy it i would recommend a friction drive on it no problem but thats the chain drives, belt kits etc etc

    plus the bonus of the friction drive been the easiest to operate and install, although the engine will be pretty close behind your head so a 4 stroke over 2 stroke would be a better choice.
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    Contacted Staton, they no longer have the kit for it, they "might" have the parts, but I would be on my own. Decided to give it up. They do still make a kit for the EZ-3 trike, but those things are too wide to ride on the street here without getting run over.

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    Did Your First Bike Use Friction Drive? Bmp Came Out With The Jack Shaft Option For His Fd. He Sold The Business, The New Owner Will Start Selling In June.

    With The Jackshaft And A Belt Or Chain To The Rear Wheel Should Make A Nice Setup For Recumbent Bikes, Or Any Bicycle. There Are Many 2 Stroke And 4 Stroke Engines That Bolt To It With No Mods Needed.

    Many Final Ratio`s Can Be Configured With His Jackshaft Option.

    They Also Use A 78mm Clutch Drum They Have Machined From A Piece Of Steel. Not The Wobbly Pressed Drums That Cause So Much Damage.

    I Was Surprised He Sold The Business (for Only $3000.) The Jack Shaft Option Is So Adaptable. My Double Right Side Freewheel Idea Used In My Cvt Build Would Be So Easy With A Stock Wheel. Use Spring Loaded Tensioner`s, So Easy On The Drive Train.

    Could Use The Whizzer Sheave For Secondary And Primary Belt Drive.

    Quenton May Have Them Or Ebay Has Them. Belts Are So Clean And Quiet.

    Jmho!! Ron

    Ps, I Have No Connection With Bmp, But Am A Happy Customer.

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