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Aug 14, 2022
I posted this in the for sale thread also.
With my situation it's going on right now things are very tight I need a gearbox or some kind of transmission for 49cc 142f.

If anyone has anything that they can sell me or trade me on the cheap let me know if it's a trade I'll make sure that it's in your favor.
I found one on eBay that looks to be the size and ratio that I need the man said he believes it's a three to one ratio but it looks like the same size that was originally on my bike the problem is that it's all the way in Australia and the shipping will take a very long time.

So please if you have something old laying around or something that you're maybe not using anymore I would be happy to entertain any trade I have a list of items that I have for sale posted in the for sale section, that said I do have some money as well about $70. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area but I was hoping it would be more visible here.

I'm going to post the link to the one that's in Australia so you guys could see what I'm looking at but the issue there is that I'm also about $5 short I'm literally down to my last like $69 but I've been offered a job which I can walk to if I have to it's only six and a half miles but if I can get this gearbox or a gearbox of course it would be much better If can get my bike back up and running.
So please if anybody thinks they can help or wants to offer an opinion on this Australian one that I found please let me know before I go spending my money on something that's garbage I can't afford grubee that's completely out of the question right now. even the 4G and that's your cheapest model is like I said completely out of the question I know this post a little lengthy thank you guys once again for your help and opinions.

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