Tires Switching from 1.5 to 2.10 tire on a recumbent


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Sep 30, 2006
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It has been over a month since I made the switch, from the 20" Kendra 1.5 w/ standard tube (rec. 100 psi) that came with my Sun Recumbent, to the Odyssey Path 2.1,($20) with a thornproof Pyramid tube ($10).

There was no change at all with the wheel or brakes.

I'd guess the wheel unit is +2 pounds, and the difference in the handling has dramatically improved.

I just got back from a 20 mile run on the back roads (very light traffic, maybe 1 car), and at least half the time, on the straightaways, I was steering with my right hand only.

I'm running it at about 45-50 psi, and it seems like the bounce in the steering has reduced quite a bit too.

Just wanted to report, this was an upgrade that I really like.
About the Serfas Survivor...before I bought one, I didn't even know there was a MBthread about them. Months ago Justin (our bikeshop guy) mentioned he would try to get them for our local bike builds, it was from a new supplier.

And when I picked up the recumbent in December, equipped with those 1.5 Kendra's front and back, I never mounted the back Kendra, but took an basic $12 tire from a Wal Mart bike for the trip to North Carolina, running it on the steel Wheelmaster wheel.

So, shortly after I returned, Justin not only had the Serfas in stock, but our new choice of Weinmann alloy wheels, and I switched out everything on the back of the recumbent.

Over in the Serfas Survivor thread, az cra-z wrote:

I put one of these on the back wheel and rode around over the weekend. Runs nice and smooth, very round. It does "drift" around some on bumps, but I'll probably get used to it.

I'm not feeling any drift. But when I mounted that new tire on the new wheel, I did the ultimate punctureproofing, two rubber gaskets and 5 layers of tape over the spoke ends, thornproof tube AND tire liner, inside the 4-5 layers the Serfas tire has.

The entire feel of the recumbent is now different, BETTER, than it was on the 1,100 mile adventure. Having all that rubber in the back tire, and heavier steering on the front, I'm enjoying the recumbent more on the 50-60 mile loops I make around the area, because I'm pretty sure I'll never have to change a flat.

Next, before I do another overnighter trip, I'll do the entire rear switch on my red cruiser, the alloy wheel and Serfas tire.

Maybe that "drift" az cra-z mentions will be more evident on that bike, but on the recumbent I'm just cruisin' along, no worries.
Thanks Bama, I have looked at every tire I can find as I'll be needing new ones in a couple months. The serfas survivors look better built than any other I've seen. Plus I looked at many sites that sell them. The customer reviews are great too. I mean $40 apiece isn't huge money but it isn't cheap either. I wanted to make sure I'm buying the best.
I mean $40 apiece isn't huge money but it isn't cheap either. I wanted to make sure I'm buying the best.

We all know about the usual 100% markup of prices for bike accessory items, but Justin is only charging us $25 each for the Serfas....and $20 for that Odyssey 20".

I dunno if he got a special deal from that new supplier or what, he's pretty straight up with us on his costs, so shoot for $25 when looking around, on line or in local bike shops.
Are they City Drifters or Survivor Drifters? On most of the online sites that would be about the price difference.
Very cool if I can't find that price think your guy would ship a couple to Washington? Thanks for the verification.
Very cool if I can't find that price think your guy would ship a couple to Washington? Thanks for the verification.

Maybe, as more and more MBgroups of various sizes start coming together, (like that Boston bunch I noticed this week), one part of the early group rides is to visit the bestest/"friendliest to MBers" bike shop in your city.

It was hard to come across empathetic bikeshops who weren't snobby when I used to seek them out in my traveling, to simply drop off a flyer/business card. Some of those jerks wouldn't even come to the window and take a look at my ride.

Out of twenty bikeshops I've made visits to, only 4 of the guys had pretty good attitudes. Nowadays, I don't even bother seeking them out, unless I've snapped a kickstand.

But, I'll bet if 3-10 MBers get together and agree to shop at one bike store, do like me and Jack (who also builds bikes) and pick one type of rear wheel, one type of heavy duty tube, only use Mirrycle mirrors, etc etc etc., that they can work out deals.

The trick is standardizing basic items, so the bikeshop can keep some in stock, choosing them over WalMart as much as possible, and referring MBprospects to their bike store, so the owner knows you are out there recommending him.