Tapered roller bearings for cargo??

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  1. jawnn

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    I need to find some tapered roller pin bearings for a cargo bike that will handle a lot of cargo.

    I think that motorcycle bearings will have to do because bicycle bearings are so wimpy. of course this means I have to have all the specs of what size steer tube and head tube before I can begin.

    So can some one show me the smallest roller pin bearings for any small motor cycle?

    this is what i found so far, but I need a full head set.

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    You'll want to talk to Fabian about this. He hauls a lot of stuff on his bike.

    A bike to haul kegs of Kitchissippi? Exactly where in Ottawa are you? Or can I tell you where I live and you can show up???

    You can talk to the guys a General Bearing Service on Kent. They are very helpful and might be able to lead you in the right direction.
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    I live near Seattle... And last night I was visualizing what to do and realized that those bearings do not need a heat set assembly. I will however need a spacer between the bearing and the steer tube for the top.

    But I still need to see how motorcycles are set up maybe there is one I can buy from a motorcycle shop....

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    My moto is: You call - We haul and we don't ask any questions.
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    Fabian has lots of cargo trailers, but I've never seen cargo on his bicycle.
    Pashley cycles in the UK are makers of cargo cycles, so maybe they'd give you some info on what they use in their headsets. I've always used FSA The Pig or The Pig Sealed for BMX/dirt jumping/downhill bikes.. including my Pashley frame.
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    I will just use BMX bearings