Tearing my hair out looking for the problem....

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by m3456y, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. m3456y

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    Ok, I give up....

    My WC1 was running perfectly. WAS being the operative word. I decided to do the cam advance mod, put the bike together and it started right up...drove about a block and it suddenly died, like the kill switch had been turned on. I checked both switches - good, and still had no spark. I swapped coils with my neighbors bike and had spark, so I ordered a new coil (the new high output version). Installed the coil, checked spark and put the bike back together. It now will fire and run a bit at idle, but as soon as I open the throttle it dies. I tried loosening the gas cap...same result. I took the carb apart....it was very clean, and blew out all of the passages, put it together...same result. I put the cam timing back to standard setting....no change-it will not run. Could it be that even though I'm getting spark, it's weak as in bad stator or CDI?
    My next move is to start swapping out parts with my neighbor's bike until I find the issue. Any ideas are appreciated!!

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    with more throttle there is more pressure in the cylinder. more pressure demands a stronger spark.
    but this could just be a coincidence that you also got dirt partially clogging your carburetor jets, or some other problem.
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    I had the carburetor apart 3 times, blew out all the passages, and it ran the same each time. I'm starting to think the same as you on the spark. I can see the plug sparking when spinning engine over with a drill, but it looks a bit weak to me. I'm not a Whizzer expert, but it makes sense. I'll know more today when I start swapping parts with my neighbors Whizzer. Thanks.
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    Swapped out CDI and it runs perfect again.