Tecumseh 2 cycle

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    3-1/2 HP snow blower engine. Bike uses a centrifgual clutch and a manual variable belt setup.
    Daiesy 172.jpg Daiesy 178.jpg

  2. Timbone

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    That is so cool!
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    How did you work out the throttle? I had one of those engines, and it had only a governor with a fixed speed. Good engines, though.
  4. james65

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    The carb on that engine is pretty standard(both bowl & diaphram type). I have used both types on other engines. Just disconnected the vane & spring and connected the linkage as with any other carb.
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    Very nice James, we have quite a few of the old Toro 2 stroke snowblowers around here still and the motors are excellent.
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    Well if they (Toro snowblowers) can survive in Buffalo NY then pushing a bike around should seem like a vacation!
  7. professor

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    Yeah James, actually, these machines get very little use during a winter here. Maybe less than a dozen per year. And the little Toros are still listed in Craiglist often.
    They are loud, do not clog (like a 2 stage) don't throw very far and are good for only 6 to 8 inches of snow before feeling like you are pushing a dead mule. But are great tools.

    At work, I snagged the old one from maintenance when they got a new one, and I use the old guy (toro s-200) to keep the R/D lab entrances and areas clear.
    This is a 30 year old blower!

    The key with these, is to drain and run dry the fuel system when spring comes or use fuel preservative.

    Back when scrap was low I used to pick up curb sale blowers- they usually had plugged up carbs and very low usage.
  8. james65

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    6 to 8" I guess that's what they cal a dusting in Buffalo.
    Yes they seem to be still found cheap, not working and as you said usually just a dirty carb.
    I have a half dozen laying around. I started to convert two of them into a twin but other projects have in the way.
    I turned the shaft down & milled the keyway while it was still in the engine.(kept the cyl lubed while turning the shaft.

    PS: formerly a resident of Oswego NY
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    I like that. Wish I could find one as yours.
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    Nice! I built a bike with a 4/5hp 2 stroke Tecumseh engine, it was from a lawnmower but the same block is also used in snowblowers. image.jpg image.jpg
    The second pic is how it would look in a blower, maybe you've seen them before.

    Pretty beastly engine (140cc), it really hauls on my bike, but the instant it develops even the slightest of air leaks there is a giant crankcase explosion/intake backfire (causing the carb and Bakelite intake elbow to go flying off the engine). The intake is all o-rings too, so I have to glue everything shut with gasket maker to prevent leaks.

    How did you turn down the crank while still in the engine? Did you put the crank in a lathe and let it spin inside the engine (engine just riding on the shaft)? When I had to turn down my shaft to get a pulley on I ran a coarse file up against the shaft while the engine idled. Which turned out to be a horrible idea because the shaft wore down faster where the keyway was (less material to take away).
  11. james65

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    The engine that you used is is the one I would have prefered, however the toro is cheap and I had several laying around. Funny thing is I picked up the engines cheap just to get the diaphram carbs.
    Yes I just put the whole engine (less the shroud) in the lathe. That made it quick & simple. Then clamped the output shaft in the chuck and milled the keyway. Never had to disassemble the engine.
    I like the 2 cycle engines for thier weight & rpms, of course I have to live with the loud exhaust. The input manifold on this engine is all metal.

  12. james65

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    i shortened the length of the frame by 4 inches.

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    Further progress on this build.

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    Finaly recieved the decals for this build.

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  15. Hey man i got this same engine bout to mount it on a schwinn beach crusier 1458953526813.jpg
    the gearing i was thinkin a 11tooth centrifugal clutch to a 36tooth jackshaft sprocket then a 10tooth to a 44tooth asuming the engines rpm is 7k i should get 37 mph
    but im here to ask james68's opinion and how he did his and how fast? or anyone else with experience with these 2 stroke tecumseh
  16. David Bogle

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    What type of exhaust are you planning using? ,do you think a voodoo or expansion chamber would help its power increase?
  17. Im going to use a pipe i found on a old 2 stroke 80cc Suzuki dirtbike as far as increase in power ya probly.
    The exhaust that was on it was a big old cylinder with holes drilled on one side i also need the pullstart/flywheel cover because without it the flywheels fins dont push air around the motor to cool it
  18. Id like to know how you went about gearing and what speed/performance do you get


  19. David Bogle

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    I'm having trouble finding a carburetor for mine , have you figured out what you're going to use?
    I have the stock carburetor but I'd like to find something adjustable
  20. Im using a nt carb for the ht engines custom made a intake with a old mullfer