Temperature Gauge / Thermometer?

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  1. applicant_255

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    Has anyone hooked up a temperature sensor to their engine?

    I'm planning to do a bit of winter biking here in Canada. I'm not sure how long it really takes to warm my bike up. Driving my car to work in traffic, it doesn't usually warm up all the way, so I keep it below 2500 rpm most days.

    For now I've been just giving it gradually more and more gas over the first few minutes of driving, but I'd really rather know the engine has achieved a certain temperature before I really lean on the throttle.

    I was thinking of mounting a battery operated temperature sensor between the muffler and engine block to get some kind of reading.

    I've got the R/S 35 with a GEBE mount.

  2. hill climber

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    when your looking at temps on small engines you want to be looking at the spark plug area of the cylinder head, not at the exhaust. check with a hobby storre or ebay for a temp gauge for nitro engines on rc cars, ussually about $25 US, has small digital display and sensor wire.
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    I was more concerned with the temperature of the oil while it's warming up, not cylinder head overheating, like you might be looking for with a 2-stroke nitro fueled engine. I was going to put it between the muffler and the block ( on the block ) because it's shielded there from the wind, as opposed to up around where the plug goes in, which ( hopefully ) gets a bit of cooling air passing over it. Why do you think it should go up near the plug?

    I actually rode my bike to the hobby shop on saturday to pick up propellers for my plane - I wasn't aware that there were temperature gauges for those applications, though I suppose I should have known better, considering the crazy ( expensive ) engine types you can get.

    Somewhere in the back of my head is the stupid, overkill idea that I should open the engine up and actually put a real oil temp sensor in there. I worry about this, because stupid ideas grow on me like.. can't think of a pg-13 thing here... they grow rather well.