The Becker Family with a 2006 Whizzer & a 1952 Hathorne in the works.

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    Hi all,
    This is Chris, Melissa, and Carston Becker from Beaverton, Oregon.
    We have a 2006 NE5 Whizzer that is highly modified with a Bill Green motor. We have nicknamed the bike "Gizmo" as it is green and has acted like we have poured water on it.

    A friend of ours bought a 24 inch Hawthorne at a Swap Meet in Brooks, Oregon in 2008 and gave the bike to me (Melissa). I plan on restoring the bike and have Bill Green in Washington State help me build a motor for it. We will also have a bike trailer fashioned for it so that our son, born in 2006, can ride with us as a family.

    The Hawthorne is actually called "1952 AMF Cleveland Welding built Montgomery Ward's Hawthorne Junior Unequipped (Or Tank) Model Bicycle"

    Look for pictures in our posts.

    Chris, Melissa, and Carston Becker
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    Welcome aboard.

    The bikes sound pretty neat. Photos would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum to the Becker family.

    This is the write place to come and share learn and have fun.
    All of my friends have been trying to get me to motorize my 1939 Schwinn DX
    but I don't want to do that when I should keep that one original.have fun and we all are looking forward to your future posts.
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    uh oh....sounds like you are already addicted. a whole family this time. *shakes head* :grin5: Couldn't find a better family activity.
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    Sorry about not adding pictures we did not know how to add them to this forum as each forum seems to be a bit different.

    Chris, Melissa, and Carston Becker with his 1941 Chrysler Pedal Car that Melissa restored.

    Chris's 2006 NE5 Whizzer in 2009 at the Iron Ranch Bike Swap Meet

    Melissa's 1952 Hawthorne before restoration.

    Melissa and Carston raise Palomino rabbits.
    see my website

    Chris's folks have a Do-It-Yourself Auto Restoration Shop in Beaverton, Oregon called Becker's Auto ( If you check out the community section you can see the families automobiles, including a 1963 Corvair, 1934 Phantom II Rolls Royce, 1904 Holsman Auto Buggy, and a hand built from pictures only a 1920's CW Flyer modeled after a 1920's Briggs and Stratton Flyer.

    [​IMG]click on image to go to video

    We also have two Black-tri Border Collies that are mother and son. Quinaby and Boomerang are both certified in Animal Assisted Therapy and volunteer at two facilities nearly every Friday.
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