the bike is squeaking and dying..PLS help!

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    I bought a used haffy panama cruiser with 2 stroke chinese engine installed on it from a guy on craigslist for $300. The bike was working when I tested it. I laid the bike side in my trunk and brought it to home. Now I can't start the engine without wide open throttle. It squeaks a lot and dying soon. There is also gas leaking from the exhaust. I thought it might be flooding problem. I took the plug pedaled, tried to start the engine and let the fuel evaporated. Also took the fueled air filter. Put brand new plug, but it is still the same. The air plug and engine get so hot and when I took the air plug it is black oily and wet.. I am amateur and have no knowledge on engines. I don't know what to do, I tried to take it to some mechanics but couldn't find anyone that is even willing to look at it. I just wanted to get it worked. What part do you think I should order to change or what am I supposed to do? Please help. If you need any information to suggest please ask. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    as far as your oily plug, pull apart your carb and make sure your float is not stuck. adjust your carb needle to your outside temp put the c-clip at the bottom for freezing temps around the middle for warm weather. lso check your terminolagy on your explanation. i hardly have any idea of what you are talking about. are you using a 20:1 - 32:1 ratio?
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    thanks a lot for the reply and sorry for my terminolagy on my explanation. I am not a native english speaker. I use 32:1 ratio. I also found out that the bowl of carb is fuel flooded too. Is it normal? I dont know how to deal with carb I will just order a new one. Do you think that would solve the issue? Is it normal for plug and motor to get so hot? I can barely start to engine with throttle wide open it makes weird noises like dying and dies soon. After that when i take the plug and looked at it i see that it is black, wet and oily. Do you think the brand new carb would solve the issue? Should I also order another part(s) as well such as magneto or cdi? The bicycle was working fine until I laid it side in my trunk without turning the valve off.
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    squeaking, the non non greasy kind of squeak, i instantly think head gasket.

    check the four head nuts are tight,

    i hate the slant heads cus they always seem to leak and warp in my experience...

    "laid on side" hmmm. id say the floats are stuck, and its flooding, nothing a hard tap or at worst, attacking with a screwdriver wont fix...

    lying on sides rarely does any damage. except to the interior of the car :jester:
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    Has the engine suddenly stopped or rapidly lost power?

    If it did, and, you can hear metallic scraping/squeaking sounds (coming from the cylinder area) then it's possible the engine may have endured a lean run condition; with piston seizure that didn't go all the way.
    If the bike has very low compression, it's possible that the piston rings are seized in the piston ring lands on the exhaust side.
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    Hey man sometimes if your bike isnt tuned optimally you may need to open the choke up a bit until the engine will idle then set it back or just play with the choke until you can get it in a spot that it will run. This of course is a ghetto fix, and the bigger issue is either a big leak or your carb needs adjusting. Buying a new carb will not solve this problem, everyone has to tune their carb a little bit every once and a while, i suggest to read the NT carb thread and familiarize yourself with it. WHen you do get it to run, how does the spark sound? is it making a knocking noise, a steady combustion, or a nice purr? does it bog?
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    sounds like stuck float to me. hit the carb with a rubber mallet a few times, if that doesn't fix it then it's time to take apart the carb.
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    2 weeks, no return. its either running or been sold :)