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    I'm very interested in those hybrids also. Ideally I'd like to have one of those and a good hybrid ebike.
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    I like it but they need to work on getting that price down.
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    Base price of $5K is a bit steep. I had an e-mail discussion with them last week -- shipping one from NC to AZ costs $1000-$1500.
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    The ELF has a 750W motor. Does this mean that it is 50% more powerful than a 500W motor? The thing weighs 145 lbs.

    Another interesting item: "The standard 60w solar panel on the roof acts as a trickle charger when the vehicle is parked outside, but the recharge time is dependent on the available sunlight."
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    There's not much chance of that recharging enough to ride home on solar.. Take that to work any distance and you better be plugging in. And its way over priced.
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    very cool

    That is a very cool bike! I hope they make it into mass production. The protection from the weather is really great, we need it here in our sunshine of Arizona but I bet where they get rain and snow it would be even more welcomed.
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    While I understand that the $5000 base price of the ELF is a bit steep and with shipping the price could be closer to $6000, you can spend $4000 on an electric bike:

    I think the Stromer is pretty cool? Any thoughts?
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    Then you need to do more research as most times a pedal only Velomobile is around $10,000 pedal only. and the allewelder kits are $4,000 Euro not US dollar this is PLUS the cost of shipping. Most recumbent tadpole trikes are $1,500 and up again pedal only. Remember a smaller market means higher prices. A recumbent trike has LOT more parts then a bicycle to.
    I would like to know where you can get 20mm through hub wheels complete with diskbrakes for $40 each can you post links please?
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    Recumbants smoke DF bikes in all "real world" aspects.The only place DF bikes are better is for freestyle tricks, and rough track.Recumbants are faster, more efficient, and in my opinion, look way better than DF's.
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    You could build one of these with a 500w hub motor for around $2500. No floor though.