The Government has my engine kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by upshifter, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. upshifter

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    The other day I ordered a 50cc engine kit from Power King for 100 dollars, and with free shipping. I had to pay and additional 5 dollars for insurance. Not bad. Well, it was to be delivered by UPS today. It won't, the government is holding it for customs inspection, or something. It's stuck in Seattle, WA.

    This is part of the same ones who have left our southern border wide open to dope cartels, and the illegal invasion of breeders. Until they resolve that problem, I don't believe they should be messing around with bike motor kits from Canada. But, I believe that the Kenyan will soon be banning 2 strokes, and and hassling us even more. Bah!

  2. Mountainman

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    sounds like the 5 dollar investment for insurance may pay off
    if for some reason the unit is not sent on to you

    are two strokes legal -- I think so
    for how long -- I think for not long

    Obama Mama and AL Gore would not like them -- if they knew what a two-stroke was...

    comments regarding the border -- they had better close it fast
    killings of many in Mexico -- coming our way !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
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    Mountainman, It's nice to hear from you again.

    Yeah, I figure they will ban 2 strokes, so I ordered one more to have in reserve, and 100 bucks is good insurance when the gas prices go through the ceiling again, or in case there are shortages.

    I don't know why they held my engine; the price was below the import duty level. Who knows? I believe in freedom. Our Constitution may not be perfect, but it is sure a lot better than what the government is using these days.
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    do you really think 2-strokes are to be banned? it has no sense! Regularted sound much better, i hope to see sigle cylinder motors with sleeves coming in from china
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  5. Mountainman

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    it's a great time today as we --

    thank you upshifter -- always good to hear from you also
    glad you are having fun with your little 2-strokes (motor bike)
    that's smart thinking to have at least one in reserve
    just in case -- these guys up top side
    seem to be proving over and over
    they don't know what's going on
    just thinking that if they take a serious look at the 2-strokes
    the end may come for them
    with them not even taking into account -- they are used all over the world

    it's a great time today as we -- ride the motor bike thing
  6. Pablo

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    I guess just buy one from an "engine runner" in the USA. Let them take the risk.
  7. upshifter

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    Here is the bike I bought for 30 dollars at a secondhand store. It was nearly cherry, except a seat bracket was broken, and the plastic pedals were broken. I'm fixing the seat, and I had some pedals from another bike that I used. I don't believe this bike was used much, but the person was too heavy and rough with it. As you can see it still looks nearly new. I don't like the green, but I'm stuck with it unless I repaint.

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  8. bikeman6969

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    you should feel lucky they have your powerking they are saveing you alot of heartache and trouble the powerkings suck they are not even worth the 100.00 cut your losses and be happy that it only cost you 100.00 because it will cost you 3xs as much trying to keep it running that is what I found out the hard way
  9. Alaskavan

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    When I had the WheelMaster build a wheel for me, Mr. Bush's Homeland Security "or other" people, held it up in Anchorage for a week. I guess they finally decided we weren't shipping bomb parts from Oregon to Alaska.
  10. Skyliner70cc

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    Is this the change you can believe in?
  11. machiasmort

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    I thought that was the 3 cents I had left over out of the five I spent on a coffee and doughnut.
  12. bamabikeguy

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    "Buyer Beware", this is a long standing struggle that has more to do with good ole FAIR COMPETITION than anything else......

    Production of two stroke cars in Western countries ended in the 1960's, but continued into the 1990's in the Communist eastern bloc. When the Berlin Wall fell, Europeans were rightfully alarmed by the smokepots suddenly showing up on their streets.

    I remember the air pollution news reports as cameras started roaming Romania and Bulgaria, so all this started way back then.

    Before I jumped into this hobby, I looked at the low and the high road, specifically who was keeping up with the technology and science. I wish there was a US "namebrand" engine, if there was, I would use it.

    But I noticed that a lot of the Japanese and European small engines were doing the final assembly and distribution here in the states. When I stopped in Nashville, Arkansas in 2006, I passed 5 plants that did 2 stroke subcontracting. Georgia, Washington State and North Carolina also had large facilities.

    Furthermore, it was known years ago that there was going to be a clamp down on 2 strokes, 50:1 mix was going to become a minimum, California taking the lead with other states simply copy/pasting those regulations.

    The same Western countries manufacturers, including Brigg's, all submitted to the testing requirements, because the market for two strokes is huge.

    So, when you wonder what that $100 difference is between engines, keep that all in mind. There is a reason you don't see Chinese 2 strokes in small engine outlets, nor used for chainsaws and generators, pumps and weedwackers.

    It's testing, warranties, clean air standards, distribution and repair services versus the same old communist designed engines built "who knows where" for the most part.

    Honda, Homelite, Stihl, Yamaha, Husquvarna, Briggs & Stratton etc. are not going to pay for air standards compliance plus pay employees a living wages, then let Red China slip in under the border.

    Red China already kills wages selling junk in Wal Mart, ENGINES and FOOD are whole different animals, both have powerful lobbies fighting for standards and safety.

    If the Chinese engines can't come in the standard way, in a container at a US port, then there must be a reason, right?
  13. upshifter

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    UPS World Ease

    Thanks for the good information, bamabikeguy.

    No matter what one buys it's tainted with China. Even Honda has products made there. Several years ago I bought a Chinese replica of a Honda Mini Trail 50cc. Other than looking like a Honda, and the parts being being the same, there were no visible markings from Honda. It was called a "Panda". Dealers on the web said that it was not built by Honda, or even built on Honda patents. I noticed that the build quality, welds, fit and finish, were not as good as the Honda. One day I had a flat tire, and when I checked the brake lining, I noticed that the brake shoes were stamped with the Honda Motors trade mark. It was a Honda disguised as a Panda; but not quite as good.

    A friend of mine has a Power King engine that he and his son have run hard for several months. They didn't break it in according to the instructions; and they run it up and down some really steep hills regularly; it's still going strong. The Chinese engines are lacking Quality Control, and it's a **** shoot whether you get a good one or not. But most of them, bad or good, have stuff wrong, like bent or broken cooling fins, base gasket protruding into transfer ports, faulty carburetors, etc.

    Anyway, my engine was shipped "UPS World Ease", which means other packages from Power King, for different destinations, crossed the border in the same shipment. Not good. If one package fails customs, then all the packages are stalled, or so it seems.

    I had ordered a Power King 80 before, and it came right through from British Columbia to Oregon like do-do through a tin-horn. No problem. It came by UPS, but was not shipped by UPS World Ease.

    I like your web site, and we're on the same page when it comes to China and killing American labor. Also, I'd like to know why the Unions in this country are not backing their employees against the invasion of illegals from the Mexican border?
  14. RickyH

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    Hey Mountainman, speaking of south if the border, everyday this week on CNN they've been reporting on the drug cartels fighting it out.
    Sounds real bad. Sure as heck it's going to spill over into our country.
    I never gave any thought to the banning of 2-strokes, but with all of the concern about the environment it just might happen. Might just order me another for a backup.
  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    kidnapping and much killing in Mexico

    hey Ricky

    we are right next to Tijuana here -- 5 to 40 miles
    a friend lives in Mexico works up here -- yes there is a lot of that
    he and his family don't wish to be outdoors much in Tijuana
    aprox 800 killed just in (Tijuana last year -- border town) to San Diego
    yes the bad guys down there -- drug cartels
    are already coming up here and kidnapping and killing
    we need to just shut the borders down -- it won't be easy

    ride the motor bike thing
  16. RickyH

    RickyH New Member

    Montainman, you're just about in the line of fire. I know that college students were warned "not" to go to Mexico for spring break. With you being so close to it all, do you think we can shut down the border effectively to keep them out ?? I'm asking you because you live so close to it, so you kind of have a real grip on what's happening.
    I do feel bad for the innocent people in Mexico caught up in the middle of this bloodbath.
  17. arceeguy

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    Why bother with PKS or BGF when....

    You can buy a genuine Grubee GT-2 50cc for $120 bucks WITH SHIPPING!

    They are on eBay right now, and they are EPA compliant. (for you lawyer types out there)

    The mere fact that you can get a Grubee for $120 bucks will basically force the competition to produce engines that are (genuinely) EPA compliant at a competitive price.

    The Gen IIa kits with cast iron sleeve and flange mount carbs are going for $120, BUT the vendor is charging a lot more for shipping. If one vendor can ship engine kits for the flat rate of $20 anywhere in the continental US, this means anyone charging more is making money on the shipping, right? I hate that, don't you?

    In any case, the fact that these Grubee kits are hitting our shores means good things for the "Happy Time" fans out there.

    Frankly, I can shive a git whether an engine is "EPA compliant" or not - BUT when Grubee (and other importers) jump through the hoops (and pay the costs) to be compliant, we should be supporting them. And heck, it isn't costing any more money - it is actually one of the lowest prices I've seen for these kits! Last year when Grubee EPA compliant kits were non-existent here in the US, and other "compliant" kits may or may not have had "real" credentials, I basically said "who cares". Now that there are kits that are genuinely compliant (Grubee and RAW, possibly others), we should be celebrating! (and, of course buying from them!)
  18. spunout

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    let not your heart be troubled. this same thing has happened to me with powerking.
    its not a customs-thing, and the gov't doesnt have your motorkit. UPS holds certain packages a couple days for inventory.

    it should only be delayed 2-3days.
  19. b5125125

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    I like the racist over tone to this post...don't hate the player hate the game. Yes even us beaners belong to unions and just wanted to say to all my brothers out there not working keep your head up. UNION PRIDE LOCAL 9144 ROCKER

    Part of the problem with the killings down there is we like to get high up HERE.
  20. Mountainman

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    what ever it takes should be done asap

    haven't really seen that in this thread
    just a couple here that would like for crime ones to stay in their own country..
    and what ever it takes should be done asap
    or be willing to pay the high price just as seen in Mexico
    shutting down the Mexico border or what ever -- why not ??

    maybe you live far enough away that you don't know what's going on
    here in San Diego -- we get the true taste of all the bull **** !!!
    if they act like that -- I don't care if they are my brothers -- we don't want them

    ride our motor bikes in peace