The Motor Clutch Cable Mount

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Junster, May 22, 2009.

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    I haven't had the clutch assembly out of my motor yet. My question is, has anyone unscrewed the clutch cable mount and used a zerk fitting to pump some grease in there? Or would it work it's way out to the clutch pads? I still have this rattley noise that I think is coming from the clutch shaft. Esp at higher speeds.

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    That is where your main clutch spring lives DO grease it .

    There are four places to lube the clutch..

    1. The bean sized blob in the main reduction gear where the clutch is located.
    2. The 56 little bearings under the clutch a little hard to get to .
    3. Under the clutch cable holder .
    (this is where the real clutch spring is, and an adjuster for main clutch spring tension.)
    4. Where the ball and pin are in the center of the output sprocket Dont forget to lube the clutch actuator arm too..
    Hope this helps
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    I did it today didn't use a grease gun fitting but took the cable mount off and stuffed the hole full with a screw driver. Then let the mount squish it in when I screwed it back in. Helped the vibration. Thanks