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  1. lewsidius

    lewsidius Member

    hello all!
    i just snapped my plastic throttle
    even before my first successful ride!
    i finally stopped the leaking from my carburetor as far s i can tell
    but my stupid throttle snapped on me where it holds the ball of the line in place
    i have a zoombicycle kit
    is there any other more durable throttle i can use as a alternative ?
    something perhaps metal?
    i hope i can find something instead of having to order the same one from those people
    this made in china stuff sucks
    its made pennywise pound foolish
    thanks yall

  2. frameteam2003

    frameteam2003 Member

    The Very Best is a CLB from French E-Bay,
    I know that's a bit tough but that's what I used on my build and thay work great
    you might look at Ebay-usa under mopeds?
  3. lewsidius

    lewsidius Member

    thanks for a speedy reply
    but right after posting i found a great one on sick bike parts .com
    its a ad on this site that i noticed and its heavy duty aluminum

    ill let yall know how it works
    thanks again
  4. frameteam2003

    frameteam2003 Member

    This is what the CLB looks like---smooth as silk

    Love to see the Sick Bike alum one
  5. lewsidius

    lewsidius Member

    its a really nice throttle !
    its solid!

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  6. prichmon

    prichmon Member

    I like the bladez moby XL throttle. Hard plastic and seem to take a beating well.

  7. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    are they from SBP? are they any good, what would you rate them out of 10?

    1 being Cr*p, 10 being the best lol
  8. gothicguy64

    gothicguy64 Member

    so if 1 is @rap an 10 is great

    i rate my sbp metal throotle handle a 12

    all i had to do is mod it to fit my dellorto

    when stock it fits the cns /speed

    mines a 35 inch braided