Thoughts on 4-stroke Bicycle kits?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Donavan321, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Okay, I've built nothing but the 2-stoke kits which are GREAT, and awesome in every way, but I'm working on a motor bike now and I had $550 or so to kill, I could HAVE bought a 4-stroke kit..but I've heard the gear-cases go out on them and that you have to extend the pedals(sounds like a pain in the ass!) BUT I still may want to try one for ****s and giggles sometime in the near future. What can you tell me about them? I'm referring to the 4-stroke pull start, chain-drive kits by the way(in case you hadn't already realized that) bicycle_engine_kit_4_stroke.jpg images.jpg

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    I personally use Staton Inc. I've got 4500 miles on my 4 stroke kit and never had a problem. I use a rack mount setup. I've got the only gas powered bike in the world that changes 5 gears automatically.
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    Four stroke kits are FAR superior to any chinese 2 stroke kit....that is as long as you stay away from the so-called "hoot" gearbox....I have been riding a 4 stroke with a Stage lll gearbox for 5 yrs with NO problems......or use the 4G belt driven gearcase kit......which is quieter....I buy from dist. in Montana....I am not trying to promote this company but just telling you that I've excellent results dealing with them. The Stage lll does have a couple of quirks, namely, NEVER engage the engager with the engine running...I have mine zip tied engaged always.....also, DO NOT put oil or any combo of oil,etc in the gearcase, use heavy wheel bearing grease....Someone on here has made negative comments about the Stage 111, but I strongly disagree with him.........Yes the pedals must be extended to clear the engine kit....but the kits I speak of comes with what is necessary, it not a big job....the picture in your post is a hoot gearbox
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    Sounds good! What do they cost about? usually, and As far as 2-stroke Chinese kits, I personally love them and out of 8 bikes of my own ONLY one bad engine that blew because previous owner mixed gas and oil wrong, it was pretty much too late to save it by the time I got it. ON a positive note I recently sold a bike that had a 2-stroke from bike berry that's over 3 years old and ran like NEW, fired up, all stock never replaced anything on it. I really enjoy the pedal, drop the clutch kind of deal, but I've NEVER actually ridden a 4-stroke bike, I need to find someone in my area who has one and willing to let me test ride, ONLY then can I determine if I like it, don't see why not but still. The picture was one I found on the net to use to show what kind of kit I was thinking about "exploring" thanks for all the input guys!
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    i like the four strokes for smoothness and torque, i like the two smokes for the noise and the tuning ability!

    when it comes to getting a kit, i balk at widening the cranks, i like to ride comfortable. and they just dont feel right with the widened cranks. a lot of the cranks are pretty average and the pedal isnt even parallel with the bottom bracket!

    ive lent a two smoke to a friend thats been riding a 4poker for a year or two. she wont go back to the 4poker now. says its too high geared.. ie it doesnt cruise, it just redlines and goes slow. the smoker cruises at 50km with half throttle :)

    PERSONALLY, id only go fourstroke if i needed it every day, and had the time to setup a rack mount again. they have their good points! no mixing oil and fuel, etc

    yup. avoid the box/kit shown. bad news, those ones.

    huashengs are good, but still... caused more than enough frustrations, was hard to find parts at the time, and basically turned me off fourstrokes. i got less than a year out of it. what annoys me is it wasnt really a mechanical issue, just rather strange combustion deposits. the valves are next to impossible to regrind!

    invest your cash into a honda if you want hassle free riding :) honda brushcutter still starts first pull, left out in the rain and weather, so far its two years of semi-commercial use :)
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    I have had good luck with the HS 49cc 4-stroke and new 4G transfer case.




    They need a little help off the line as direct drive but just flat out fly with a shift kit.