Thruster fixie, my first ground up build

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    So, thiscome isn't my first bike, my father had one when I was a kid, and decided to build one a couple years ago as well. The most recent one sat neglected for a year and was given to me. I got it running and took it for a ride across the city, only for the front fender to fail and throw me, claiming 3 teeth (and a relationship, whole different story). Needless to say I decided to get back on the horse with something built from the ground up.

    Thruster fixie from Walmart
    Engines online shop Flaming horse kit in black
    JNM X-port
    Jaguar CDI kit
    Diamondfire e3 12.3 plug
    700x40c tires
    Other odds and ends.

    Soon to be added to the list:
    Upgrade from plastic rims to aluminum
    Boost bottle
    Higher performance carb
    Better brake calipers (the rear brake caliper broke off before I could even run a gallon of gas through it)

    This bike is FAST. Top speed as of right now is 32-35, and it climbs hills great. I weigh 250 and for anyone familiar with Birmingham southside, I can climb from 5 points south to the top of red mountain on 20th no problem, and that was before the CDI kit.

    Any thoughts on improvements I could make to this bike?

    Pics to come

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    Make sure you if you haven't already, check your magneto to coil clearance with that motor. I have had 2 motors in a row come from them with it hitting the coil, the 1st engine broke the crank cause of it.