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    great place to meet people who refuse to take it!! I thrustpac 5hr sometimes and I love it!! I need to carry more parts and supplies for my start-up...any suggestions that will adapt with the pac?
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    first forum!!

    I improved the thrustpac so my bike is not motorized...I am!! In crazy California that may allow me to operate w/o harassment. So far so good. I finished patenting and I'm working toward launching it as a product soon. I get 150+ on my mountain bike and 25mph avg. The canoe is a little slower and the snow skis need more thrust! The long skate board is too fast and I am too chicken on my roller blades to come much off idle. I need a rollerblader crash dummy for the vids on my site...any volunteers?

    Coming down out of the Sierra Nevadas maxed out, wind rippin' I start thinking about my front tire alot!! Any bullet proof 26" wheels and tires? I'll convert now!!
    Happy landings
  3. Okay ThrustPacMan I moved your posts in the Vendor Forum.
    Do you have a link?
    You can discuss your product here.
    You should introduce yourself in the introduce yourself forum.
    It's policy so we can say hi and it's good form.
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    Yeah, you should provide a link or pics. There may not be many of us that have a clue what you're talkin' 'bout.
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  6. And come back Thrust Man. The Wheelmaster can make up wheels for you using motorcycle spokes!
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    Cold Prospecting is a vile sales tactic.
    Often used to generate a positive response to an inferior product.

    if is the link to the product ut us VERY expensive at about $900.00 uninstalled
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    But you have to admit that it's a cool concept. I'm sure there is a use for it. Somewhere. Heck, in my younger years I would have volunteered to try it on Rollerblades. Wait. They didn't have Rollerblades then.
  10. Yea it's expensive but it would be so worth passing a cop in that on a mountain bike in the bike trail.
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    Yup, definitely a neat concept that's just too expensive for us that know better. I carried a 12pack o' Budweiser in my backpack only a mile or so the other day, and my shoulders/back were killing me... and I'm young. I feel like this thrustpac would be better suited for just about everything else than bikes (if it weren't so darn expensive)... but to each his own.

    It'd be pretty hard to say this wasn't an amazing idea.
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    Amazing idea, very interesting, but I believe it would be way to heavy for practical use and the noise behind you is probably not good for your ears. It also would be very sensitive to windy conditions. With a substantial tail wind you could really travel fast but with a headwind, performance could suffer 50-60 percent or more less. The glove idea is not good, in my opinion. Your hand would overheat, especially in Arizona, it would be useless. There might be better hand control options possible.
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    That's prolly an even bigger upset than the fact your shoulders are going to be burning. As eltatertoto observed, by bending down, one can increase his speed by 2-4mph. If you try to bend down with a thrustpac on your back... you won't go anywhere.
  14. But what about the children? Who would be their super hero?
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    wow dude that is a trip...long hair not advised...good luck tho and happy safe motoring!:smile:
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    Long hair would result in a trim! :)

    I would mount the blower down at the hips, rather than high on the back. Otherwise, it would certainly strain the lower back muscles over time. Actually, in view of the next paragraph, it would be most effective to mount the fan to the seat post - that way, you can adjust the angle to optimum, and it will stay at optimum, even IF you want to lower your head to reduce drag...

    And, If Arizona can determine that somehow, your motorized bike somehow transforms into a moped at 20.1 miles per hour, I believe that CA could EASILY find you guilty of violating the bike motor law. Really, by using a thrust pack, all you've done is make a biologically based motor mount (you!)
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  17. Well then you can have a quick release when you see the po po.
    It would be slick.
    Like have it strapped on yet sitting in a pole for support. Then when you see po po,stand up.
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    You know, one disadvantage of this fan would be, when you twist to look behind you, the direction of thrust would tend to push you into traffic... Potential OUCH!
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    Yea, the only 2 advantages it has is that it's about as universal as a trailer pusher & it could possibly circumvent laws.

    Loquin just explained how the gov't could still make a case that the bike is motorized & how this "trailer blower" could be very dangerous if you turn... OUCH is right!

    Superman needs to find a new way to fly.
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    Thank you all for your feedback!!! 1. Tilt block is included for presetting the tilt for aero tuck position. 2. simply bending and relaxing one finger throttles down in less than a second for "look around" and I do it every time even though I insist on great rear view mirror. 3. I've reduced the weight to 15.5 lbs and am improving the ergonomics of the pac but to test I wear it continuously for 3 to 5 hr w/o removing and after 5hrs I have a moderate neck, and I'm working more to make it so light and comfy I'll forget I have it on!! 4. I wear it in my canoe and wear it high on the back for that and a wheelchair (and in the future for paragliders as they're very interested) but you're exactly right and lower is better for bicycle and even lower for my longboard and skates!! 5. When I kill my engine I'm simply pedalling my personal property home, I won't connect to the people powered vehicle yet so when I get off or set the THRUSTPAC down I"m free!! I won't even hesitate and don't let "them" stop you either. If I walk or jog with it on then what am I ??!! Push the bike while wearing the pac but not allowed to start it??!!! How harmless can we possibly be and why would a jurisdiction insist that you get back in your 4000lb problem and get back in the long line?? Let's start with the idea that we are free to move about and if ,the least polluting and having the least kinetic threat to the rest of the public... if we can't ride it's time to go!!! Carbon tip toe? THRUSTPACman