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Apr 11, 2008
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great place to meet people who refuse to take it!! I thrustpac 5hr sometimes and I love it!! I need to carry more parts and supplies for my start-up...any suggestions that will adapt with the pac?
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first forum!!

I improved the thrustpac so my bike is not motorized...I am!! In crazy California that may allow me to operate w/o harassment. So far so good. I finished patenting and I'm working toward launching it as a product soon. I get 150+ on my mountain bike and 25mph avg. The canoe is a little slower and the snow skis need more thrust! The long skate board is too fast and I am too chicken on my roller blades to come much off idle. I need a rollerblader crash dummy for the vids on my site...any volunteers?

Coming down out of the Sierra Nevadas maxed out, wind rippin' I start thinking about my front tire alot!! Any bullet proof 26" wheels and tires? I'll convert now!!
Happy landings
Okay ThrustPacMan I moved your posts in the Vendor Forum.
Do you have a link?
You can discuss your product here.
You should introduce yourself in the introduce yourself forum.
It's policy so we can say hi and it's good form.
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Yeah, you should provide a link or pics. There may not be many of us that have a clue what you're talkin' 'bout.
And come back Thrust Man. The Wheelmaster can make up wheels for you using motorcycle spokes!
Cold Prospecting is a vile sales tactic.
Often used to generate a positive response to an inferior product.

if is the link to the product ut us VERY expensive at about $900.00 uninstalled
But you have to admit that it's a cool concept. I'm sure there is a use for it. Somewhere. Heck, in my younger years I would have volunteered to try it on Rollerblades. Wait. They didn't have Rollerblades then.
Yea it's expensive but it would be so worth passing a cop in that on a mountain bike in the bike trail.