Thunder shark pro racing...

Street Ryderz

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Oct 14, 2016
TBH the Thunder Shark Pro Racing engine claims 5 hp and that is BS out of the box with what you receive, it is possible to make 5hp from it but that will require alot of work and corrections made. The head though it looks cool to some is a big mistake and the guy whom designed it did so to account for extra stroke and unfortunately this is not how you'd do that, it has a raised crush ring and over 1mm in depth which defeats any chance of having proper squish with standard strokes (worse with 38mm) and over stroked allows the piston to travel above the deck height which because of the slight bevel at the top then allows piston slop and brings the top ring awfully close to the deck (not wanted) just asking for failure and premature lining wear. The porting is NOT done though they claim it is and does not suit the dio reed setup it comes with, the dio reed is also very prone to air leaks that will kill an engine quickly when un noticed during a ride, then there are all the common china girl issues of sh**ty bearings bad crank balance poor ignition timing and spark strength which for a so called racing engine is kinda lame!