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    Hi y'all.
    I'm 6'1" I weigh 380lbs and the bicycle is my only means of transportation. I need it to buy groceries and run errands.

    I will be driving many miles a day over the most abused and debris covered pavement Sacramento has to offer.

    I need a work horse not a play toy.

    Can you fine people help me find a new frame to build on?
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    Replace the handle bars if you use that bike (you need 7/8"). It will make your life so much easier. The Onyx has 1" handle bars, your kits components works with 7/8" diameter. Your clutch lever and throttle control from the engine will not work with out excessive fabrication. The one I built I used mini bike parts and keep the big bar. The best thing about 29" wheels is that the stock 44 tooth sprocket works awesome.

    This is my "work horse".
    PART_1435770406797_0701151006.jpg PART_1435770440044_0701151005a.jpg
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    Thanks. That's a nice looking bike.

    I didn't expect the handle bars to be oversized. I'll have to check sick bike parts for the throttle.
    I'm in CA, I run 4 stroke only, automatic clutch.
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    The standard rear sprocket that comes with the kits can NOT be mounted on the Onyx wheel.....way the spokes are arranged
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    OK. Good to know. Care to elaborate more?

    I'm not set on the onyx. I simply offered it as a flavor to start us off. I'm trying to find the right bike, so suggest one.
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    I used a clam shell sprocket kit on mine. IMG_1584.jpg
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    This 4 stroke kit comes with the clam shell rear sprocket kit

    This 212cc 6.5 HP 4-Stroke Kit includes::

    212cc Predator Engine 6.5 HP
    3.0 L. Gas tank
    Torque convertor transmission W/ Black Cover
    CNC Engine mount
    CNC Sprocket & adapter assembly ( 36, 40, 44 tooth) choose one in the options tab on top
    Throttle Handel W/ kill swith
    415 Heavy duty chain
    Fuel line
    Fuel filter
    Spark plug remover
    Chain tensioner
    Muffler (Might need modifications.)
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    Nice. I've heard of those but didn't know their name.

    Stickers don't bother me in the slightest. I'm going to look up some tech specs.

    No offense, but if I could afford license and insurance, I'd be driving a cager not a bike.
    49cc is my limit.
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    No worries. No bad ideas when planing a MB build. It's a matter of eliminating the cool factor and going with the practical in most cases. The exception, my Bobber bike (last photo)

    I'm considering picking up one of these reproduction (repo) Schwinn Frames for a future build. I ordered another Swindler yesterday so the repo idea is on the back burner for now. Plus the damn tank is almost $200 alone.

    $_12hh.JPG $_12.JPG

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  13. KCvale

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    Nasty roads and lots of miles a day...
    I'd go with a steel frame that has front and rear brakes.

    The Micagri Pantera is good long commute bike and will take a 2-stroke or a 49cc 4-stroke.


    This a 4-stroke shifter but I replaced the front fork with a shock fork.


    Direct drive 4-stroke.


    2-stroke shifter.


    2-stroke direct drive.


    It comes with 2.128" tires and a direct drive sprocket goes right on.
    I suggest your bullet-proof the tires...
    HD tubes and liners.
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    I thought the Husky was a steel frame. It's rated at 400lb capacity, which is me and the motor kit.

    I always put on/ upgrade the front brakes. I have a springer fork that mounts a disc brake.
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    And the micagi is only rated for 220